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January 2013

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Paternity test implicates Napoleon Scientists used genetic markers to identify Bing's parents. by Geraldine Warner G enetic testing has revealed that the blush cherry Napoleon Bigarreau (Napoleon for short) is the father of the Bing cherry. Black Republican, a red cherry, was known to be the mother variety, but the other parent (the source of the pollen) was unknown until now. Dr. Amy Iezzoni, cherry breeder at Michigan State University, and Dr. Umesh Rosyara, RosBREED statistician, used genetic data generated by the RosBREED project to discover Bing���s paternity. They have been studying the genomes of cherry varieties to help them identify potential parents for new crosses and develop genetic markers to improve the chances of developing new and better varieties. The Bing paternity test was just another use of the RosBREED-generated genetic information, Iezzoni said. Though the entire Bing genome has not been ���Amy Iezzoni sequenced, Rosyara was able to identify its ancestry using 60 genomewide markers that covered all eight chromosomes. ���You don���t need a lot of markers, but you need them not to be clustered,��� Iezzoni explained. Napoleon is a paternal grandparent of Stella, a variety developed by Agriculture and AgriFood Canada���s breeding program at Summerland in British Columbia. Because of its self-fertility, Stella has been widely used ���If you���re going to have a family reunion for Stella, you would have to invite Bing.��� SUPER! FANTASTIC! WONDERFUL! AWESOME! VALUABLE! ���those are just a few of the words we use to describe our customers. We love what we do, and you make it possible! A special THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers who come back to us year after year. ProTree Nurseries is dedicated to providing the best selection of apple and cherry trees, grafted on the heartiest rootstocks. If you���re looking for a variety you can���t ���nd anywhere else, call ProTree Nurseries today. APPLES Banning Red Fuji (USPP 16,624 P2) Rising Sun Fuji�� RubyJon�� Granny Smith Hilwell Braeburn Beni Shogun (USPP 7526) (USPP 10,115) (USPP 7997) Honeycrisp��� RubyMac�� Blondee��� (USPP 7197) (USPP applied for) (USPP 19,007 McLaughlin cv) Indian Summer Crab Joburn��� Braeburn Schlect Spur Delicious��� September Wonder��� Fuji (USPP 11,193) Simpson Crab Snowdrift Crab Torres Fuji��� Brook���eld�� Gala (USPP 10,016) Buckeye�� Gala (USPP 11,992) JonaStar JonaGold��� (USPP 20,590) LindaMac�� (USPP 10,840) �� (USPP applied for) Ultima��� Gala (serial 74/458,730) Zestar!��� (USPP 16,620) Paci���c Gala�� (USPP 11,367) Frettingham Crab Golden Delicious Rainier and Stella family trees (USPP 12,900) Manchurian Crab Midnight Red Spur��� (USPP 9681) (USPP 21,300) Crimson Gold Crab Dandee Red�� (USPP 13,753 P2) Pearleaf Crab These apple varieties are available on B-10, B-118, EMLA-7, EMLA-26, EMLA-106, EMLA-111, G-11, G-16, G-30, M-9 337T, NIC��-29, or Supporter 4. New genetic data show that the two cherries have common ancestors. CHERRIES ��� Black Republican ��� ��� Bing ��� �� Napoleon ��� �� ��� ��� ��� �� �� Rainier Available on Colt, Gisela��, Krymsk��, Mahaleb, or Mazzard.* *Not all varieties are available on all rootstocks. Call for speci���c grafting information. Empress Eugenie Van Unknown Napoleon Lambert Stella Blackheart J12420 Emperor Francis SOURCE: Amy Iezzoni, Michigan State University 741 Sunset Road, Brentwood, CA 94513 800.634.1671 (Alison Clegg or Richard Chavez) 877.457.6901 (Henry Sanguinetti) Fax 925.634.6040 GOOD FRUIT GROWER JANUARY 1, 2013 17

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