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Continuing Education Special Advertising Section YOU HAVE THE POWER Creating ... to Advance Your Career Value in the ��� Accredited, affordable, flexible Workplace degree programs By Alan Capelle ��� Weekend MBA program ��� Generous transfer policy UIU ��� MADISON CENTER 4601 Hammersley Rd. Madison, WI 53711 608-278-0350 ��� On Campus ��� Online ��� Independent Study ��� U.S. & International Centers 32 Magazine ad 4.75 x 9.75.indd BRAVA Magazine Brava 1 January 2013 6/14/2012 11:14:30 AM In surveying the workplace landscape for 2013, not only is it critically important for anyone to complete a bachelor���s or graduate degree to move ahead, but it is likewise very important for employees to continue to create value-added benefits for their employers! Are you participating in solving some of your employer���s challenges when the opportunity arises? Are you letting Sr. Leadership know that you would be willing to take on additional assignments? Are you an advocate for change, and strengthening your employer���s social responsibility core values through sustainability actions? The above questions all relate to creating more value for your employer, and yourself in this di���cult economy! If you willingly participate in some of these tasks, you are also creating more value for yourself, which may somewhat insulate you from continued downsizing efforts. In order to create more value for your employer, you need to have a solid foundation: one built on good speaking and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and writing ability to start with. Both quantitative and qualitative skills are needed. This solid foundation is based upon attending and completing an institution of higher learning degree that focuses on a student-centered learning environment, preferably at a non-profit university. Universities are not only places to learn your respective craft, but to look at issues from multiple perspectives and then make informed decisions. Teamwork, hard work, solid speaking skills, and good writing ability are essential prerequisites to enable employees to enhance their value in the workplace. Alan Capelle is the Director of Upper Iowa University, 4601 Hammersley Rd., Madison; (608) 278-0350

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