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January 2013

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Bloody Knuckles By Peter D. DuPre IT BOLTS RIGHT IN . . . The Heck It Does! o Those of you who have the misfortune of being regular readers of this column may remember that a couple of months back I wrote about needing to project certainly didn't disappoint in that regard. into an old Jeep; the body tub is pretty CHANGING LANES the completely worn out driver's, and the aging passenger seat in Ol' Red. It seemed like a simple enough project… 12 them at the wrecking yard, and bolt out it was about as easy as trying to buy a 2x6 four besider with a three position switch! But as I always tell people, I am a card carrying member of the Edward A. Murphy Society so I expect that whatever can possibly go wrong will … and my seat replacement different issues. Just because the seat space doesn't mean it will bolt in and that means manufacturing adapter brackets, possibly modifying the seat bottom and maybe even drilling new I certainly didn't want any of that hassle. A fellow Jeeper told me that he had heard there are a number of seats that just bolt right in. Perfect! A boltin replacement would be quick, clean and easy – just what I was looking for. JANUARY 2013 // WWW.CHANGINGLANESDIGITAL.COM

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