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February 2013

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Fuel Your SucceSS with ucceSS JOHN CHRISTNER TRUCKING Defining success, in a general sense, is usually a difficult endeavor because the realization of success itself is both defined and achieved in different ways by different people. However, having the resources to do the job at hand is an inarguable necessity for any field of play. At John Christner Trucking, we take the success of our drivers very seriously, and we are committed to providing them with all of the recourses they need to fuel their own personal success stories. These resources include everything from support through a mentoring program, to being a springboard for one's own authority. Fuel Your Success with Business Guidance: Seasoned staff members like Thomas Smith, who averages about fifteen calls a day, know how to manage their business. Mentors are there to provide support to Owner Operators to ensure they are utilizing the best practices for their business. Fuel Your Success with Maintenance: Experienced OEM technicians, as well as being locally owned and operated, ensure that we have your best interest in mind to the best prices with the quickest turnaround. JCT also offers a loner program to keep Operators profitable when your tractor needs some extra attention. Untitled-3 1 oocd-JC-feb-real-OO.indd 1 Fuel Your Success as a Team: Understanding the dynamics of team driving is crucial to the success of each team. At JCT, we construct team specific freight and the length of haul Operators need to get the most out of their partnership. Fuel Your Success with Brokerage: Operators with their own trailers can rest easy knowing that the freight is plentiful and the payment is fast and accurate. The loyalty of a passionate Owner Operator is one of the most coveted relationships in the trucking industry; that's why we are dedicated to providing our Owner Operators with one of the best programs in existence. Competitive pay per mile and a fuel surcharge program, combined with expenses paid by JCT (such as fuel tax and tolls) are the building blocks to a successful Operator business. John Christner Trucking understands what you need to succeed; just ask our drivers. "JCT helps me make my goals and takes the time to understand what I want. Whether it's mileage, hometime, maintenance or pay; JCT is a total package company." -Thomas Smith, Driver Mentor for John Christner Trucking Let JCT help fuel your success as an Owner Operator. Call John Christner Trucking today at 866-782-5412. 1/7/13 9:33 AM

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