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46 • FEBRUARY 2013 • WORLD FENCE NEWS GET RELIABLE See page 53 For convenient access to World Fence News OnLine, visit EED hosts "Everything You Need To Know About Loops" seminar On December 12 Electronic Entry Distributors (EED) in Gardena, Calif. hosted BD Loops and its acclaimed "Everything You Need to Know About Loops" seminar. "I loved it; I learned a lot about phasing," said Jose Noe of JNQ Gate & Phone Services and C & Q Landscaping. "I'm glad that I now have a loop solution for very cracked up, bad asphalt. I used to avoid putting loops in that type of surface." The educational seminar covers topics such as loop size and place- ment, loops in parallel and series, loop phasing, how to make more money installing loops, time saving tricks and techniques, how to properly diagnose a faulty loop system and more. BD Loops prides themselves on their commitment to educating and improving the gate and door industry, and has been visiting distributor and manufacturer locations to present their loop seminar for over 4 years. "We feel our loop class has saved installers lots of time and money when installing and troubleshooting loop systems," said Brian Dickson of BD Loops. "For a short two hour investment of time dealers are learning everything they need to know about loop systems from the loop experts. Students walking away from our class Brian Dickson, standing, conducts an educational session on loops at EED's Gardena, Calif. headquarters. (BD Loops photo) feel confident installing and selling loops. All their questions are answered and they are able to build a relationship with a manufacturer that will always be there to help. "Learning how to properly install loops and how to quickly diagnose loop systems can potentially save installers thousands of dollars in material and labor costs," he said. "Loops shouldn't be the cause of your headaches, and we do our best to educate installers with that in mind." Visit to view a schedule of upcoming table top shows and educational seminars. To request a free seminar be held at your favorite distributor, contact BD Loops at 714890-1604. BD Loops is a manufacturer of preformed direct burial and saw-cut inductance loops and installation tools. D-Fence Products introduces patented post protectors for new fence and decks At Western Tube & Conduit customer satisfaction and quality are the first order of business. Our Fencepost and Fencerail production is ISO-9001:2008 certified - and our products are manufactured to meet all the applicable state, federal, industrial and regulatory specifications and requirements. While we regularly stock standardized products and sizes, we are happy to provide custom dimensions as well. All our Fence products are galvanized with high purity zinc. We use high frequency welding (ERW) to turn the highest quality strip steel into tubing, and then a continuous hot-galvanizing process to zinc-coat the products smoothly and evenly. A zinc-rich interior organic coating, a chromate conversion coating, and a clear exterior organic coating provide the complete finish package that gives them superior protection against the elements and long life as a result. Comprised of high density polyethylene, D-Fence post protectors are manufactured in North America and are engineered to lock onto 4x4 and 6x6 dressed posts during construction. The post protectors act as a shield against trimming machine damage, moisture, weathering, and rot and decay. "With a strong emphasis on sustainability, D-Fence Products post protectors are durable, cost effective and continued on page 56 Gal-Z serves customers looking for shaped Fence tubing as well as corrosion-protected mechanical tubing. It can be purchased in squares and in rectangles, and it provides excellent environmental durability while also fulfilling the need for strength and weldability. D-Fence post protectors are manufactured from high density polyethylene and act as a shield against trimming machine damage, moisture, weathering, and rot and decay. (D-Fence photo)

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