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74 • FEBRUARY 2013 • WORLD FENCE NEWS US Patent No: 8,266,771 B2 KDT Power Twist Tie "Affixing the fence fabric to a fence post is an important and repetitive step in most fence installations. For this reason, an inexpensive fence tie that facilitates high quality fastening with reduced time and effort can improve upon the time and cost associated with building fences." – As published in U.S. Patent, KDT Power Twist Tie Sizes for 1-5/8 pipe up to 8-5/8 9 ga & 6 ga conform to ASTM F626-96A Our PATENTED KDT Power Twist Tie saves time, and time is money! Available in Galv. Class B Coating or less & Aluminized Only four steps needed to install the KDTwist Saves 20% on installation time! – Move KDTwist to post at a 45° angle; it pops on. – The installer does not have to pry apart legs. Reduces fatigue for the installer. – Smaller opening to close. – Use any power twist tie tool on the market to secure the KDTwist. Special sizes or shapes on request • KDT now available for T-posts Available in 12 ga, 11 ga, 9 ga, 7 ga, 6 ga Look for it at your local supplier or Call 800-749-7181 E-mail: AND MENTION WFN! Keener Dupont Wire Co., LLC MEMBER Where wire is our only business PIGTAIL AND MEMBER SQUARE KDT AVAILABLE! LOGICAL DECISIONS, INC * 9, 6, & 11 GAUGE PREFORMED STEEL * 1 5/8 ", 1 7/8", 2 3/8", 3", & 4" * CORRECTIONAL & MILITARY APPROVED * GALVANIZED, ALUMINIZED, VINYL COATED, & STAINLESS STEEL 800-676-5537 225-274-1115 Many items in stock - caps, finials, rings, wall mounts, column bases ….. Custom made parts Short volume runs In-house tool & die shop Phone: 301-334-9100 Fax: 301-334-7846 Subliminal architectural voice mail system continued from page 72 see that coming? Nice try, loser. Now we'll automatically transfer your call to the El Rukin gang headquarters in south Chicago. They're going on trial this week, have caller ID, and really hate to be disturbed… booooooeeeeeppp..….connect…..a man anwers…] "Who the hell is this?" *You quickly hang up and redial MAGOTS.* *Ring…Connect* "Hello. You've reached Malicious …oh, it's you…please hold… *Hold* *Hold…more…* *Hold…even more…until after 45 minutes…* "You…ah…still there?" "Er…. Press 1 for yes." * You press "1"* "Geeeeeeeeeeeeez …hmmmm … please hold." {Pause} {Snickering} {Disconnect} {Dial Tone} *You hit redial and call back ……* *Ring…Connect… the voice mail system continues…* "OK….here, let's cut to brass tacks...we hate you! We hate the way you look, the way you talk, and we hate your truck with its gun-rack and custom Penthouse mud-flaps. "We hate the way you dress, we hate your dog Stu, and we especially hate your parents for ever getting drunk enough to create you! We despise every waking moment we're forced to work with you! You are loathsome! You are disgusting! Even our voice-mail computer is wearing gloves! "If we could change professions and get away from you bottom-feeders for even a moment we would in a heartbeat, but nooooooooooo, our moms have told us that there's no way they're payin' for another four years of college so we can just go out and flush it down the toilet in yet another empty, fruitless career endeavor. Which reminds us. We hate our moms too…and you mark our words, one of these days she's gonna' get hers! …….what?…… "Out loud??" "Whadda ya mean, out loud?" "What about subli… it's broke?" "Oh." "Damn." "Ah……we here at MAGOTS apologize for the last paragraph of maniacal outburst. We've been under a tremendous amount of strain lately and we've been mixing our meds and…er …obviously… vicious computer hackers – yeah that's it, really vicious computer hackers – have forced their way into our voice mail system and inserted horrible and malicious statements about our close friends, the contractors. "We'll of course need to have it repaired. So we're sorry, but the system will hereby be inactive until further notice. If you do have any questions regarding our documents, please just figure it out on your own. Really. It's OK. We wouldn't have had the right answers anyway. Thank you. And I really have to go now {whimper}." * Click -- Dial tone * Professional construction estimator and educator Steve Saucerman is a long-time contributor to World Fence News. Session on RFID technology added to Fence Industry Week educational program A special session on basic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), sponsored by Access Automation & Controls Group (AA&C) and Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems, Inc., has been added to the Fence Industry Week / FENCETECH 2013 educational program, the American Fence Association (AFA) announced. AA&C, a full line wholesale distributor of gate and access control equipment, is also a primary sponsor of the FENCETECH 2013 show. The special session – titled RFID 101 – will be held on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 from 9:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. For more information, visit or call 888548-5953.

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