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February 2013

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Horticulture Growers try hooped trellises Tubular steel may have a place in orchard trellis systems. A new apple orchard planted to a V trellis uses greenhouse technology to support the Vs. courtesy of wilson orhard & vineyard supply by Melissa Hansen No welding is needed to attach the tubular steel to the V trellis structure. The steel slides over the V trellis arms and is held in place with a setscrew. few tree fruit trellis systems in Washington State are sporting a new look. Instead of flat-sided steel for the V and Y arms and supports, growers are experimenting with hoops in hopes of finding a faster and less costly way to erect trellis systems. "What we're doing is based on hoop house technology and materials that use tubular steel for the structure," said Keith Oliver, orchard and vineyard manager for Olsen Brothers, a family farming company in Prosser, Washington. Oliver told Good Fruit Grower that the tubular structure was easier to install than V systems that require expertise to get the proper angles and mobile welders to put it together. Once you decide on your row spacing, angle of the V or Y needed, and trellis height, the angle is then engineered into the posts that go into the ground and support the arms, Oliver explained. What he calls the "antlers" (arms of the V or Y) then slide "We believe it will be stronger…but we won't know for sure until we have fruit on the trees." —Keith Oliver COLD AIR DRAIN® Frost Protection Your Partner in World Class Wine Production • Water Quality • Vineyard Nutrition • Wine Quality • Soil Fertility Serving agriculture and industry in Central Washington since 1978 3019 GS Center Road Wenatchee, WA 98801 509-662-1888/509-662-8183 (fax) 30 FEBRUARY 1, 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER 1008 W. Ahtanum Road, #2 Union Gap, WA 98903 509-452-7707/509-452-7773 (fax) 800-545-4206 COST EFFECTIVE! Most systems have a 100% payback in the first year. Minimal site prep. Fuel efficient. No maintenance contracts. POWERFUL! State-of-the-art propeller sends cold air up approximately 300 ft. VERSATILE! Size & power options available to meet your needs. Targeted protection for frost pockets, swales, slopes, valleys, etc. Use alone or with wind machines, water, or heaters. FREE COMPUTERIZED FROST ANALYSIS & PRICE QUOTE! SHuR FARMS® Frost Protection 1890 N. 8th Street, Colton, CA 92324 877.842.9688 or 909.825.2035

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