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February 2013

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LAST BITE How did you do? Find the answers on page 53 of this issue. Test your horticulture and viticulture savvy What is the leading grape variety by acreage grown in Washington State? a. Riesling b. Syrah c. Chardonnay d. Cabernet Sauvignon What apple variety is headed to overtake Red Delicious by 2018? a. Fuji b. Honeycrisp c. Gala d. Granny Smith How many American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) are there in Washington? a. 13 b. 11 c. 15 d. 21 Which training system is not used in apple orchards? a. Slender spindle b. Solaxe c. Vertical axis d. Kearney V e. Tatura f. Espalier A wine and culinary center, under construction in Prosser, Washington, is named to honor the late Washington State University research horticulturist Dr. Walter Clore. What is Clore best known as? a. Grape breeder b. Rose breeder c. Father of Washington's wine industry d. Strawberry researcher The Malling 9 family of rootstocks includes some of the most efficient rootstocks in most growing regions of the world, but it has a major weakness: a. Too vigorous b. Root suckering c. Small fruit size d. Fireblight susceptibility 54 FEBRUARY 1, 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER

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