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NEW PRODUCTS What's New on the Market? New Miller Fall Clearance Calculator All Gear "Husky Lite" climbing for a cure All Gear is going pink! First of its kind, a 3/8-inch double-braid composite with a 5,000-lb. tensile. It's All Gear's quality polyester outer jacket with a nylon inner core. All Gear is introducing its new neon-pink arborist bull rope in honor of breast cancer awareness/research. It is eye catching, great for light rigging, functional, and 10 percent of sales will be donated to help find a cure. Check out to watch donations grow. For a free sample, call 847-564-9016. Carry All-N-Haul's Big Strong Tarp Carry All-N-Haul makes products that save time, labor and money. The "Big Strong Tarp" has been constructed by a horticulturalist and an arborist. They saw a need for a tarp that can withstand the abuse of the landscape and tree care industries. Tarps have been designed to be lifted or pulled by equipment or people. It is great for yard cleanups or moving heavy loads. The standard "Big Strong Tarp" is 8 feet by 8 feet, and has the lifting capacity of 3,200 pounds. New Prentice/Epsilon self-loader line The new Prentice/Epsilon line of selfloaders is designed to provide speed and precision for applications requiring increased duty-cycles, while protecting components from damage in harsh environments. The line is available through a marketing agreement entered into by Caterpillar Forest Products and Palfinger Inc. The self-loaders are produced by Epsilon Kran GmbH, part of the Palfinger Group, and are marketed through select Caterpillar Forest Product distributors experienced with truck-mounted loaders. The Prentice 2124 self-loader is also still available through Prentice dealers. The Prentice/Epsilon selfloader line features two configurations: the L-boom and the Z-boom. The L-boom is a standard boom, while the Z-boom allows the operator to fold and stow the loader during transport without disconnecting the attachment. Various boom lengths and capacities are available within each type. A new Miller Fall Clearance Calculator is now available from Honeywell Safety Products for those working at height. It is vitally important to always know your fall clearance whether using a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline (SRL). When using an SRL, swing fall should also be considered. Calculating your fall clearance and swing fall is critical to your safety and is now easily accessible any time, any place whether working from a desktop, smart phone or tablet. While especially designed for use with Miller fall protection products, the interactive Fall Clearance Calculator can be used with any brand of fall protection equipment. NexTraq releases distracted driving solution NexTraq, a leading GPS fleet tracking and fleet management company, released its new distracted driving solution, NexTraq DriveGuard. The solution allows companies to discourage distracted driving by blocking or restricting calls, text, e-mails, web browsing and more while driving. With almost 28 percent of all accidents caused by using mobile devices, the NexTraq DriveGuard solution is ideal for companies looking to maintain company policies concerning cell phone or mobile device use in vehicles and ensure driver safety, as well as their company reputation. The solution works on phones, smartphones, laptops, handhelds and tablets using, among others, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, Java and iOS systems. NexTraq DriveGuard includes many user-friendly features, including automated SMS responses to callers that the driver is driving and will return calls and messages at a later time. Companies can pick one of four policies that best matches their needs, so they can begin protecting against distracted driving without waiting on complicated installation or implementation. Arbor Age / January/February 2013 17

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