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play in your free time Artist���s Corner: Marcia Yapp Yapp with fellow artist in residence Megan Cain in front of their Jenni and Kyle Perserve mural. Piecing together community art By Karin Wolf Marcia Yapp takes broken pieces and recreates them as things of beauty. This professional photographer, mosaic artist, teacher and community art facilitator found herself captivated by mosaics as a means of creating community-driven public art and as a form of healing in 2005 and has since facilitated several community mosaic art projects in the Madison area. Her inclusive practice models the importance of community input, both in the design and the process of making art, and shows how creating with the even the smallest pieces can open the door to something much bigger. In 2004 you turned your creative energy toward collaborating with people who do not normally make art. What is it about community art that pushes you in that direction? I enjoy facilitating the creative spirit in people and involving them in a sense of community via a beautification project in their neighborhood, school or community gardens. You are involved in the backyard women���s mosaic project, which works with women as they rebuild their lives after incarceration. Why do you believe mosaic making is more healing than other art forms? I feel mosaic making is a less intimidating art form. It allows people to freely tap into the creative side of themselves. There is something both soothing and riveting about placing broken pieces side by side to create a piece of art. A couple of years ago you began creating a mural at the Central Wisconsin Center, a state treatment facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. How does creating an art project together affect the relationships between CWC residents and staff? Communicating the ideas of the residents on the design and creation of this mural is an important role for the staff. I believe working on this project will enhance those relationships even more through this collaborative process. You have a meaningful mural project coming up at the Mount Horeb Primary Center where you, your siblings, your mother and your grandmother attended elementary school. Do you remember any special teachers there? I wasn���t the most engaged student. [I was] more of a dreamer, but I do remember many warm and wonderful teachers. I���ve always been a curious person ��� several teachers at that school encouraged that inquisitiveness. ��������� For more information on Yapp���s mosaic work visit Book Club: Inspiring tomes for relationship repair Every Day Love By Judy Ford A peek at the relationship moments that make up the nuts and bolts of loving with tips on how couples can avoid pitfalls and celebrate their differences. Published by Viva Editions, $16. 60 BRAVA Magazine Talk to Me Like I���m Someone You Love By Nancy Dreyfus An interactive relationship tool designed to help couples communicate effectively when they can���t find the right words to discuss touchy relationship issues. Published by Tarcher, $18. March 2013 The Ultimate Guide for Men & Women to Understand Each Other By Alex and Elizabeth Lluch This two-book package is packed with questions and to-do lists designed to help men and women build better relationships with each other. Published by WS Publishing Group, $15. Booked for Murder is located at 2701 University Ave., Madison;

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