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April 2013

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Da ting To REla ting How To Tell What's Really Going On In A Relationship Advice By Mr. L. Rx CHANGING LANES Question: Mr. L. Rx, I never know what is going on in a relationship. I think things are going fine, then the girl leaves me. Or I am worried and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. How do you tell what is really going on in a relationship? Answer: If you want to know what is going on in a relationship you have to learn to observe motion. There are only three basic motions a person can exhibit with respect to you. 1) Move toward you, 2) move away from you, and 3) stay in the same place with respect to you (no 30 dating to relating 0413 cl.indd 1 motion). Now when I talk about motion with respect to a man/woman relationship I am talking about motion towards you in many ways, like: 1) physically (a women moves closer to you, touches you, etc.) 2) mentally (agreement would be a motion toward, disagreement a motion away) 3) emotionally (liking you and feeling comfortable would be a motion toward and disliking you, feeling uncomfortable with you would be a motion away) 4) communicatively (wanting to talk to you would be a motion toward, not wanting to talk to you would be a motion away). These are the statistics that you april 2013 // WWW.CHANGINGLANESDIGITAL.COM 3/7/13 9:00 AM

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