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April 1

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GOOD DEALS Products and services for progressive growers MISCELLANEOUS GROWER SERVICES ORCHARD LADDER REPAIR We Pick Up and Deliver Serving All Eastern Washington Since 1980 ��� Tallman Authorized Factory Service Center ��� r We Repai of All Brands Aluminum Ladders 509-669-1259 or 669-2822 IRRIGATION & CROP PROTECTION FREE ESTIMATES FOR ORCHARD REMOVAL/RENEWAL/EXCAVATION TREE REMOVAL? Serving farmers for over 30 years ���Pull���Pile���Burn ���All Excavation Types ���Immediate Deep Replant Ripping We have both the equipment and experience to handle any job: 1 tree to 100 acres! ��� Since 1974 ��� GARY J. TREPANIER EXCAVATING Cont. #GARY JTE1320 J Tieton, Washington BOB MEYER / FMF EXCAVATION 509-848-2488 ��� 509-949-2601 ��� 509-930-4617 The latest industry news is @ 509/678-4769 IRRIGATION & CROP PROTECTION CASCADE TREPANIER WIND MACHINE SERVICE EXCAVATING, INC. Joe Trepanier, Owner ���Serving farmers for 45 years��� Tree & Stump Removal ��� Reduce Nitrates, Scale, and Corrosion in Pipes and Wells. ��� Reduce Salts, Nematodes, Iron Bacteria, E. coli, and Costs! ��� Correct pH., Oxygen, Carbon, Magnesium, and Boron. ��� Vineyard Removal ��� Digging Mainline ��� Land Clearing ��� Ponds ��� Demolition ��� General Excavating ��� Anchor Holes ��� Track Hoe ��� Backhoe ��� Track & Rubber Tire Loader ��� Dump Trucks ��� Clam Shell Buckets ��� Fans for Burning ��� Free Estimates Distributor of��� �� 3766 Iroquois Lane WENATCHEE, WA 98801 509-662-2753 Sales: Dana Morgan, ext 215 WIND MACHINES ���Dependable Frost Protection��� 1611 W. Ahtanum YAKIMA, WA 98903 509-457-9196 Sales: Virgil Anders, ext 114 For your nearest Orchard-Rite representative, visit our website: 509-952-8684 509-678-4587 Irrigation Design Member of Better Business Bureau Measuring crop needs for greater pro���ts since 1966 AGRICULTURAL CONSULTANTS COMPOST LABOR SERVICES Irrigation Services Sampling, Recommendations & Scheduling Ready to meet the irrigation needs of Eastern Washington! ��� Real Time Data ��� Decagon Ech2O Systems ��� Equipment Sales 509-453-4851 Become a Member today ! Microorganisms remanufacture organic matter into HUMUS! Compost temperature is carefully monitored to ensure the reduction of pathogens and to kill weed seeds. 20 /ton $ FOB DAIRY Quantity discounts available POWER SCREENED ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� Won���t clog your spreader Loading and hauling service Nutrient analysis available Turned, not burned Certi���ed scale on-site Expert assistance, information, training and education for your farm labor and employment needs since 1987. �� WIND MACHINES ���Dependable Frost Protection��� POST OFFICE BOX 9308, YAKIMA, WA 98909 1615 W. AHTANUM, UNION GAP, WA 98903 Ph: 509-248-8785 ext 610 ��� Fax: �� 509-248-9088 For your nearest representative, visit our website: Join at . . . WGL helps Ag Employers! GOOD FRUIT GROWER APRIL 1, 2013 49

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