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RETAIL OPERATIONS BY DEBrARESCHKE-SCHUG What retailers can do to prolong the life of their POS systems POINT-OF-SALE CARE Photo courtesy of Gilbarco. 12 APril 2013  T he econoMy is up, anD then it's DoWn.  The housing market appears to be making  a  comeback…at  least,  it  was  five  minutes  ago.  The  European  financial  crisis  keeps  rearing  its  head,  this  latest  time in Cyprus. These are certainly uncertain times  we are living in.  It's  no  wonder  any  sensible  c-store  and  petroleum  retailer  would  want  to  keep  costs  down.  But  that point-of-sale system isn't getting any younger,  so  what  can  one  do  to  stretch  one  of  the  most  important  pieces  of  equipment  in  the  retail  environment? The following are some top tips and tricks  from the biggest POS providers in the industry. "One  of  the  most  basic  things  you  can  do  to  maintain  your  POS  system,  like  the  Wayne  Nucleus™ hardware, is just a simple visual inspection," said Tom Chittenden, senior product manager  for  systems  at  Wayne.  "What  we've  found  is  that some sites have the Nucleus POS system for 7,  8, sometimes 10 years," he said. "Sometimes servers  are put into a cabinet or underneath a counter, and  other items can accumulate around it."  Wayne advises retailers to take a look at the server  and  make  sure  there  is  good  air  flow  getting  to  the equipment. "Take a look to see if there is dust,  dirt or grime around the server and wipe it down,"  Chittenden said. "It'll help keep the system cool." NPN Magazine  n

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