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MARKETING & SUPPLY BY KEiTHREID Security, flexibility and cost issues drive the move from VSAT SHELL OIL SELECTS CYBERA S hell oil coMpany has selecteD Nashville, Tenn.-based Cybera,  a  leading  provider  of  cloudbased security and application services,  to  migrate  its  payment  card  traffic  at  domestic  Shell  branded  stations  from  traditional VSAT satellite systems to a  next generation secure platform by the  end of 2013.  The Cybera solution integrates 3G/4G  wireless connectivity with Broadband or  DSL to ensure that critical applications,  such as payment processing, are always  able  to  communicate.  It  also  facilitates  a  range  of  operational  applications  beyond transaction security.  Shell  is  implementing  an  incentive  program  to  drive  adoption  of  the  Cybera  ONE  solution  across  its  wholesaler  and  dealer  network.  This  new incentive program will reduce the  upfront  cost  of  the  platform  for  the  first  4,000  orders  placed  from  now  through  June  17,  rewarding  the  store  owners  who  make  a  quick  decision  to  deploy the new platform.  NPN spoke with Cybera President Cliff  Duffey about his company's solution. NPN: What  are  some  of  the  issues  specific to VSAT that risk fraudulent  activity? Duffey: The main concern is "tinfoil  bandits."  In  the  petroleum  retail  marketplace, most of the systems are set to  auto  approve  a  $50  or  $75  fuel  sale  if  for  some  reason  the  system  is  offline.  VSAT frequently has little outages with  rain  or  clouds  or  the  sun  being  in  the  wrong  place  during  the  day.  This  creates  a  real  risk  for  fraud  if  a  criminal  knows how things work. You can swipe  virtually  anything  with  a  mag  stripe  if  the  system  is  offline.  What  the  thieves  are doing is sending someone up to the  26 APril 2013  roof  to  wrap  some  tinfoil  around  the  transceiver and take the system offline,  then  having  people  in  the  parking  lot  pumping  fuel  $75  at  a  time  for  hours.  Then  they  remove  the  tinfoil  later  so  that no one notices.  operators  in  the  several  hundred  site  range. It's a solution that works well for  this type of client because doing all they  need  to  from  a  security  standpoint,  in  their  stores  is  hard,  and  it  gets  tougher  every year. And by us having a platform  where we can keep adding new features  NPN: Speaking  of  uptime,  one  con- through  software,  it  gives  us  a  way  to  cern  has  been  broadband's  reliability  grow  each  year  and  give  new  security  and uptime. How do you address that?  value.  The  list  of  things  required  to  be  compliant and secure grows each year. Duffey: In  our  world,  if  you  can  improve  the  reliability  and  make  sure  NPN: Where  security  specifically  is  the  store  is  always  connected  to  the  concerned,  what  are  some  of  your  network  and  authorize  every  transac- capabilities in that area? tion,  you  remove  much  of  the  risk  of  fraud.  Because  we  run  over  DSL  Duffey: If  you  recall  the  T.J.  Maxx  or  cable,  but  also  with  wireless  as  a  breach  a  few  years  back—someone  backup, even if cable is cut or the DSL  plugged in a wireless access point into  is down you can process transactions. a  remote  store  that  allowed  hackers  access  to  the  company's  network.  The  NPN: What is the scope of site applica- PCI  requirements  call  for  scanning  to  tions you support with your platform? see  if  wireless  devices  are  plugged  in  at  a  site  when  there  shouldn't  be.  We  Duffey: We  have  the  ability  to  sell  have  some  software  that  checks  and  and  deliver  applications  to  our  cus- tracks  that  as  a  simple  software  app  if  tomers  either  from  our  appliance  in  we have a WiFi module on the device.  the  store  or  from  the  cloud.  We  have  Compared  to  other  solutions  in  the  the  full  range  of  security  apps,  which  market, you might have to buy an $800  has  been  our  core  focus,  but  we've  piece of hardware just to do that. expanded  the  capabilities  of  the  platWe  also  offer  all  the  standard  fireform  to  support  third-party  apps  that  walling  and  intrusion  protection  and  now  include  point-of-sale  support,  all of the logging of security events with  payment,  loyalty,  digital  vide  surveil- each  treated  simply  as  a  software  app  lance and all sorts of payment gateway  instead of a piece of hardware. And it is  apps for fleet cards and ATMs.  all basically plug and play that does not  require  a  technician  to  set  up  and  get  NPN: What  scale  of  operation  is  running  at  a  site.  Instead  of  buying  appropriate for your platform? solutions  for  multiple  vendors  and  then  having  integrators  set  them  up  Duffey: We work with major brands— and get it all running, we have a single  Shell  and  ExxonMobil;  we're  in  trials  box. It can be set up by a store manager  with Pilot and several other large brands.  as long as there is a broadband line into  We also work with a lot of mid-market  the store and a place to set the box, and  independent retailers like Mapco/Delek,  it is auto-configured to be up and runMurphy  USA.  Alon,  EZ  Mart—a  lot  of  ning in 20 minutes.  NPN Magazine  n

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