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May 1

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DORMANT TREES AVAILABLE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! APPLES on EMLA 7 (Snow Apple) l .W. J CHERRIES on Mazzard PEARS on OHxF 97 APRICOTS on Seedling PEACHES on Seedling ® ® by PEARS on Seedling ® Y APPLES on EMLA 26 ® l J l l PLUMS & PRUNES on Seedling ® ® . . y W APPLES on EMLA 106 NECTARINES on Seedling A APPLES on M 9 (337) ® APPLES on EMLA 111 y® y® y® y® V PEARS on OHxF 87 l J ® PLUMS & PRUNES on Myro b J Ruby Jon™ K w (Asian) ® ® CHERRIES on ® Gisela 12 w ® CHERRIES on Gisela 6 ORDER NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! *Visit our website for Complete Variety, Cultivar and Plant Patent Information. p

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