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May 2013

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Bloody Knuckles By Peter D. DuPre What Are The Odds On That? CHANGING LANES Trouble shooting via email turned up a bad starter on the 77 MGB -- not once, but twice! This one shown looks new but it is all garbage inside and ready for the trash can. Photo © P.DuPre/Autoword – All Rights Reserved Back when I first started writing this column a few years ago, I believe I jokingly made that claim that "I am not a mechanic, but I play one on TV." It turns out I was closer to the truth that I thought, except for the TV part. You see, I belong to a number of car website clubs due to my ownership of Ol' Red and my MGB and every once in awhile I will make a posting on a forum to help answer someone's tech question. Though, in all honesty, as far as Ol' Red is concerned, it is usually me who is posting the question on the Jeep Wrangler forum. But with the 8 bloody knuckles 0513 cl.indd 1 MGB, it is a little different. I joined up with the MG site a couple of years ago, listed my car and posted a journal of my activities and then I pretty much forgot about the site, until the other day. You can imagine, then, that I was pretty much surprised to open my email last week and see a message from the MG website seeking my help. Curious, I clicked on the link in the email and was taken to my own journal page where I read a message from a guy named Charlie Snyder, who was having trouble May 2013 // WWW.CHANGINGLANESDIGITAL.COM 4/5/13 9:03 AM

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