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May 15

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Sysstem-CAL® The Perfect PGR Partner treatments. Fruit from trees receiving Grower's Treatment (Sevin and NAA) had lower firmness at harvest as compared to control and the Sysstem-Cal™ and MaxCel® treatments. Enrichment with Ca from Sysstem-Cal™ could have also contributed to higher firmness in Sysstem-Cal™-treated fruits." Sysstem-CAL Effect on Apogee and Shoot Growth 35 30 mean shoot lenght (cm) Apple growers need to do many things early season at the same time to ensure quality fruit at harvest. Four of the most important early seasons tasks are 1) maximizing calcium uptake into the developing fruit, 2) improving fruit size 3) managing terminal growth and 4) managing tree fruit load. Sysstem Cal from Agro-K can improve the performance of the most important PGR tools used for sizing, thinning and managing terminal growth that are critical to maximizing fruit quality and grower profitability. Now you can do all these critical tasks while also supplying systemic calcium during peak demand. Sysstem-CAL®, Agro-K's foliar calcium is the perfect apple PGR tank-mix partner. 25 Check Apogee Apogee + Sysstem-CAL 20 15 10 S Y S S T E M ™ S E R I E S 5 Untreated Control Carbaryl 1 lb/100 gal + NAA 7.5 ppm Carbaryl 1 lb/100 gal + NAA 7.5 ppm + SysstemCAL 2 qts/100 gal Carbaryl 24 oz Carbaryl 24 oz + Sysstem-Cal 2qts Control Carbaryl 1 lb/100 gal + MaxCel 100 ppm Carbaryl 1 lb/100 gal + MaxCel 100 ppm + SysstemCAL 2 qts/100 gal Carbaryl 24 oz + Maxcel 2qts Carbaryl 24 oz + Maxcel 2qts + Sysstem-Cal 2qts 156 c 0 191 b 0 wk 5 wk 7 wk 9 wk 11 wk 255 a 46.0 41.0 13.0 37.0 Apples need early season calcium for best quality. Growers want early applications of Apogee® to manage terminal growth, but calcium can be antagonistic to Apogee®. University research from WSU, Penn State and UMass as well as private researchers have documented that Sysstem-CAL™ does not interfere with Apogee®, allowing it to control terminal growth and help growers manage fire blight more effectively. 24.0 Large, firm apples, free from bitter pit generate the highest per acre return. Private and university research shows Sysstem-Cal's positive effects on size. Dr. Duane Greene, UMass stated, "clearly Sysstem-CAL when combined with MaxCel® had a profound effect on increasing fruit size." Not only does Sysstem-CAL aid in maximizing fruit size, but it also supplies needed calcium at the same time for better firmness and storage life. In 2011 Dr. Fallahi (Univ. of ID) saw similar results as Dr. Greene (UMass) and had these comments: "Un-treated controlled had smallest fruits. But those with Sysstem-Cal™ 2Qts + MaxCel® 128oz at 5-10mm@200G/A had the largest fruit of any of the Control Maxcel 128oz PF Sysstem-Cal + Maxcel 128oz 5-10mm Grower Std.(Sevin & NAA) 3 wk Trial conducted by Dr. J. Schupp, Penn State - 2009 39.0 ™ 1 wk The unique formulation of Sysstem-CAL links calcium to a highly systemic phosphite. This patent-pending technology provides rapid calcium penetration and translocation into the fruit where calcium is most needed. Sysstem-Cal maximizes calcium and cell wall development, resulting in reduced bitter pit and improved pack-out while maximizing storage and shelf life. Call 800-328-2418 or visit Science-Driven Nutrition SM ® 188.2 217.7 29.77 29.67 8.2 11.1 6.950 6.953 5.82 8.04 5.45 6.02 227.1 46.17 6.7 6.699 5.56 6.25 221.6 36.78 8.4 6.146 10.71 6.05 AGRO-K CORPORATION © 2012 Agro-K Corporation. Sysstem-Cal is a trademark of Agro-K Corporation. Sevin, MaxCel, and Fruitone are registered trademarks of Bayer, Valent, and AMVAC, respectively. Apogee is a registered trademark of BASF. Use of Sysstem-Cal as a spray adjuvant with PGRs is not registered in California.

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