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May 15

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Page 2 of 55 FEATURES CHERRIES 14 Tip top cherry Skylar Rae is a managed brand. 15 Nurseries invest in Phytelligence 16 Cherry rootstock testing continues 18 Cherry insurance reduces risk Insurance does not force growers to pick unmarketable fruit. 20 23 16 Spotted wing drosophila challenges growers Chelan Fruit gears up for more cherries 24 28 THE TOP FIVE Top five ways to grow large cherries Start by pruning to eliminate potentially small fruit. Popular cultivar almost wasn't Coral Champagne is the third most produced variety in California. 31 24 6 26 8 10 12 26 Cherry cracking test The NOSB's 'lose-lose' decision The loss of oxytetracycline is a blow to organic growers. Food safety mistakes Great expectations Costco's addendums include items not covered in most food-safety audits. Outreach: The final goal Enhancing Biocontrol: The final segment in the eight-part series. Leading by example Servando Rodriguez has nearly 40 years with the same company. 32 OPTIMIZING PRODUCTION Achieving the optimal crop load Part II: Precision pruning lessens the burden of thinning later. 40 Glyphosate revisited 42 Science on the Hudson GOOD FRUIT GROWER MAY 15, 2013 3

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