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May 15

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YAKIMA VALLEY AVA facts • When the Yakima Valley was established in Washington State in March 1983, it was the first recognized appellation north of California. • Boundaries from north to south follow the Yakima River, beginning at Union Gap and ending at Red Mountain; on the west are the Cascade Mountains and east are the Rattlesnake Hills. • The appellation covers 600,000 acres of land of which 16,000 acres have been planted to wine grapes, representing about one-third of the state's vineyards. • Three sub-AVAs are included in its boundaries: Red Mountain (established in 2001), Rattlesnake Hills (2006), and Snipes Mountain (2009). • French winemaker Charles Schanno is credited with planting the area's first grape cuttings in 1869 purposely included Gray on the Taste Washington panel because he was an outsider from San Francisco. "When I asked Blake to be on the panel about Yakima Valley wines, he said to me, 'Well, I've got a problem, because I don't know anything about Yakima Valley.'" Perdue was surprised that Gray knew nothing about the state's oldest wine region and also didn't know that one of the state's largest wineries, The Hogue Cellars, is located in the appellation. After sampling Yakima Valley wines as part of the panel, Gray described the wines as balanced with very nice minerality. "There's great terroir to be discovered in the Yakima Valley," Gray said. "There is definitely a perception problem," Perdue agreed. "But it sure isn't the fault of the grape growers. It's not Dick Boushey's fault. Or Red Willow's fault. I don't really know whose fault it is, but it's an interesting dilemma." Perhaps because the appellation, as the state's "first near Union Gap, but it was in the twentieth century that William Bridgman would pioneer winemaking using European grape varieties. • Nearly 40 percent of the state's wine production is made from Yakima Valley AVA grapes. • Both cool and warm season varieties are produced within the AVA and nearly any variety can ripen. • Major cultivars grown are Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Riesling. Winemaker David Lake made the state's first Syrah wines from Syrah grapes planted in Yakima Valley. • Yakima Valley AVA is home to one of the state's largest wineries (The Hogue Cellars) and more than 60 wineries. SOURCE: Wine Yakima Valley growth," has been around the longest, it's not as new and exciting as younger regions like Walla Walla, he mused. Valley grapes have long been relied on wineries throughout the state, from Woodinville to Walla Walla. Nearly 40 percent of the state's annual wine production is made from Yakima Valley grapes. In the past, much of the fruit produced from Yakima Valley lost its identity because the grapes were used in wine blends. But as the vines have matured and wines are winning top awards, winemakers are taking notice. Perdue said one of the best things to come out of Yakima Valley's thirtieth anniversary is that it's caused him to re-examine the region. "It's forced me to step back and look at the individual pieces that make the region so special. Those vineyards, scattered up and down Yakima Valley, really are unique and are the backbone of the state's industry," he said. • TREE SPREADERS M.7/M.26/M.9 EMLA BUD 9 NIC ® 29 PAJAM 2 ® M.9 NAKB T-337 GENEVA 202/30/16/11 We also grow a great selection of rootstock varieties for apple, cherry, peach, pear and plum including: APPLE CHERRY PEACH PEAR PLUM Lowest possible prices on 4" to 48" nailed or notched spreaders Additional services: We assemble and repair new and old pallets for re-sale MALUS ANTONOVKA MALUS DOLGO MALUS DOMESTICA PRUNUS AVIUM PRUNUS MAHALEB PRUNUS EMLA COLT PRUNUS BESSEYI PRUNUS PERSICA 'LOVELL' OH X F 87/97/333/513 PYRUS CALLERYANA PYRUS COMMUNIS PYRUS USSURIENSIS PRUNUS CERASIFERA PRUNUS MARIANA PRUNUS MYROBALAN PROVENCE QUINCE LIKE OUR ROOTSTOCK, our service will grow on you. ALL FRUIT TREE ROOTSTOCK IS OREGON CERTIFIED VIRUS FREE. NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Yakima Specialties, Inc. P: 509.453.0386 F: 509.453.1279 4 in b8 yea usi rs nes s Yakima Specialties Inc. I Non-Profit Agency Hiring Disabled Adults Visa and MasterCard Accepted I 1819 West "J" Street, Yakima, WA c a n b y, o r e g o n See our newly updated website, with all of our offerings & availabilities at w w w. w i l l a m e t t e n u r s e r i e s . c o m Crops are In – Inventory is Changing Rapidly – See our Website for Updates 5 0 3 - 2 6 3 - 6 4 0 5 To l l F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 5 2 - 2 0 1 8 GOOD FRUIT GROWER May 15, 2013 39

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