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May 15

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LAST BITE How did you do? Find the answers on page 53 Test your cherry knowledge of this issue. What percentage of Northwest fresh cherry exports was shipped to China (including Hong Kong) last season? a. 9 percent b. 19 percent c. 27 percent d. 43 percent True or false? Cherries become firmer in storage. Which of the following is not a cherry variety released in New York? a. BlackGold b. BurgundyPearl c. Coral Champagne d. WhiteGold e. BlackPearl Which cherry variety is the least susceptible to cracking? a. Early Robin b. Sweetheart c. Bing d. Rainier e. Regina f. Tieton True or false? Cherry size is related to the number of cellsin the fruit. Which of the following is a cherry growing system? a. KIT b. UFO d. VEG e. IMO f. LOL g. BFN Which of the following is a cherry variety? a. Northern Beauty b. Beauty Blush c. Red Beaut d. Brentwood Beauty e. Summer Beaut f. Flemish Beauty Which growing system is pictured in both photos? 54 May 15, 2013 GOOD FRUIT GROWER Sugar makes up what percentage of a glacé cherry? a. 23% b. 41% c. 74% d 91%

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