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May 15

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photos courtesy of susan pheasant F or information about The Ag Bridge, visit: A good example of a hand washing location with signage. 9. Traceability procedures. For traceability, complete tracking is needed from harvest, trucking, and receiving records. Harvest records include bin ticket, grower lot number, date, block, variety, storage designation, and picker or crew. Transport records include hauling slips and weight tags. Receiving tags from the packing house or handling facility complete the paper trail. • A kiddie pool is used to hold plant protection products. 0. Spill containment equipment and signage must be available at mixing and loading locations as well as the storage facility. 6. Technical authorization. Records for applications of plant protection products are required and should include crop name, variety, location, date, product name and active ingredient, name of applicator, justification for application, quantity applied, machinery used, preharvest interval, and technical authorization for application. The recommendation from the crop consultant or field representative is usually recorded, but, often, the missing control point is authorization of the application by the owner or orchard manager. 7. Equipment maintenance and calibration records. Repairs, maintenance, and calibration of all equipment involved in applying plant protection products must be documented. This includes fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, scales, irrigation systems used in chemigation, and temperature controls. Most growers have calibration records, but few have written maintenance records. 8. Recall/withdrawal. A written plan and procedures for both recall and withdrawal are needed, and procedures must be tested at least annually (can be a mock test) to ensure they work. The plan needs to state who is responsible for making decisions, how customers and the certification body will be notified, and how stock or inventory will be reconciled. UNIQUE CHEMISTRY FOR STANDOUT PERFORMANCE. When it comes to protecting your orchard, Delegate® WG insecticide stands alone. Deleg offers proven egate performance against codling moth — along with other tough pests like Oriental fruit mot , l th, leafrollers, , spotted wing drosophila, plum curculio and apple maggot. What sets it apart? A mode of action so unique, it's the only one in its class. That makes Delegate key to any spray rotation program for pome and stone fruit, cranberries, blueberries or grapes. 800-258-3033 ® Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow Always read and follow label directions. ©2013 Dow AgroSciences LLC L38-359-010 (01/13) BR 010-34175 DAAGDELE2059 GOOD FRUIT GROWER May 15, 2013 9

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