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WORLD FENCE NEWS • JUNE 2013 • 35 Ask the Fuel Expert Is fuel theft OK with you? BY JACK LEE , CEO , 4REFUEL , INC . Total Fuel Management (TFM) is a concept that can help you to eliminate theft, increase accountability and minimize other risks associated with refuelling. Its greatest benefit is helping you to measure the return on your fuel investment. TFM gives you the tools to control fuel costs while helping you measure and manage profitability from one project to the next. Fuel theft affects your bottom line. It is part of your total continued on next page YOUR DISTRIBUTOR what can encon offer you? SE H A B LA ES P A N O L SE HABLA ~ ESPANOL E N C O N E L E C T R O N I C S . C O M 8 0 0 . 7 8 2 . 5 5 9 8 8 0 0 . 7 8 2 . 5 5 9 8 Do you accept theft in your company? This may seem like a silly question, but let me explain. Let's look at a small construction company for example. Over the years the business has grown from a friendly partnership to a thriving enterprise managing millions of dollars in annual projects. At first it was no big deal for the boys to help themselves to some materials or even fuel. The occasional fill up on the company was viewed as an employee perk and part of the cost of doing business. As business grew and more staff were added, new policies took over. It was no longer acceptable for fuel to be taken by employees, but guess what? It hasn't stopped. Old habits die hard, entitlement lives on and it's always been easier to turn a blind eye. Regardless of how you justify it – as waste, spillage, shrinkage or a perk – it is still theft. Fuel theft costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a recent issue of Truck News magazine, one company reported tens of thousands of gallons in diesel fuel stolen over only a few weeks. The thieves had carefully planned their robberies, with electric pumps, a generator and large plastic fuel tanks. They drove off with thousands of gallons of fuel three separate times – their haul valued at $18,000, $27,000 and $50,000! Imagine the impact on the businesses affected! Whether it's your staff casually helping themselves to your fuel or organized thieves stealing fuel to re-sell – it's a problem. But it's not beyond your control. The first situation is more common than you may want to admit. Sure, some fuel goes missing but it's not huge so you write it off. But when it's stolen in bulk, the police are notified and you beef up security. But is one situation really any different from the other? In most cases, they add up to the same over time. Look at it this way: every dollar spent on fuel should provide a return on investment. You can actually calculate that return if you track your fuel consumption. But consider that every litre of fuel that disappears due to theft has to be replaced – effectively doubling your cost and halving your return. 4Refuel Ltd. has the answer to fuel theft: Track your fuel accurately and theft will disappear. OVER 200 YEARS EXPERIENCE THOUSANDS OF STOCK PRODUCTS FREE TECH SUPPORT EXPERT TRAINING & SEMINARS SPANISH SPEAKING TECHS ONLINE ACCESS TO PRODUCTS, PRICING, SPECS & MANUALS FAAC & APOLLO REPAIR CENTERS OVER 70 MANUFACTURERS THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE TECH TEAM IN THE INDUSTRY CAGOI CERTIFIED TEAM SAME DAY SHIPPING ACC PRO PR S MA SOLAR DESIGN FAAC & APOLLO REPAIR CENTERS 800.782.5598

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