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lawn maintenance Balancing Act BY LAUREN HEARTSILL DOWDLE Find the perfect combination of mower speed and cut quality T he faster you mow the client's lawn, the sooner you can move on to your next site. But if you mow too quickly, the cut quality may suffer. So, how can you and your crews avoid this Catch 22 and find the right harmony of speed and precision on your next maintenance project? "Balancing speed and quality optimally is a matter of studying turf conditions, understanding the environment including obstacles such as trees, decks, fence post, etc., reviewing the topography of the area to-be mowed and learning how to use the comfort, safety and performance features of the mower," says Daryn Walters, director of marketing, Exmark. Here's how to give your clients the quality they expect in the quickest time. Speed limit If ground speed is a factor for you when purchasing a mower, you obviously value getting in and out of a site as soon as possible. With the continued pressure to do more in less time, many are looking for ways to provide the best service J U N E 2013 TLC0613_LawnMaint.indd 41 TotalLa nd s ca p e C a re . c o m 41 5/23/13 3:54 PM

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