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live in good health Skin 101 It's our body's biggest organ—and responsible for holding us together (literally). But what do we really know about our skin? Dr. Kevin Robertson, medical director of RENEW Skin and Laser Center shares the naked truth about our body's outer layer By Kelsey Bewick THE BASICS: Our skin's primary job is to protect us from dehydration, overheating and environmental dangers. It also rids our bodies of unneeded water, oils and toxins. The number of layers in our skin. Five layers lie in the thin epidermis, while two are found in the much larger dermis. SOUND FAMILIAR? Wrinkles: As you age, your skin thins and loses elasticity. What used to stretch and respond no longer snaps back as much, causing lines to form. Crows feet, located at the corners of our eyes, are a common start to wrinkles. We may think of them as pesky, but remember: Wrinkles come from years of smiling. Age spots: Partly predetermined by your skin color, light-skinned ladies will notice blotches sooner. But pigment discoloration is also dependent upon how well you defend your skin from the sun. So lather on the sunscreen this summer! Is Your Skin Sending you a Message? CHANGING: Watch for pigment that seems a little different, or moles with irregular margins. Any out of the norm changes should be seen by a doctor as they may signal something serious, such as melanoma. FLUSHING: Continual redness across the cheeks, nose or forehead may be rosacea. If left untreated, more severe cases may spread and persist, causing a burning or stinging sensation. DR. ROBERTSON'S FAVE SKINCARE INGREDIENTS Retin A: This cream is a champion for its effectiveness in minimizing wrinkles, brown spots and acne. Hydroquinone: A gold standard bleaching agent, HQ is designed to help with dark pigment problems. Vitamin C: Perfect for protection, this sunny vitamin helps maintain a flattering glow; use it as a topical supplement and include it in your healthy diet. 12 BRAVA Magazine June 2013 millions WITH AN 'S'! THE AMOUNT OF SKIN CELLS WE SHED EACH DAY.

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