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live with family Stand for a Cure Use their summer venture to support a worthy cause. Through the Lily's Lemonade Stand program, kids can download posters, stickers and other resources for their stand and then donate proceeds to Lily's Fund, a local organization supporting epilepsy research at UW-Madison. Visit for more. Lemon Squeezy Stir up your kids' entrepreneurial spirit with easy peasy tips for their go-to summer biz Lemony law and order: Ensure their sweet adventure doesn't turn sour: Set up shop only on your front lawn or driveway. "Realistically, the police aren't going to make trouble for kids selling in say, a public park. But it's a problem if they set up during an event where vendors have paid for their position," explains Laura Whitmore, spokesperson for Madison Parks. Stir tactics: On hot days, powdered and frozen lemonade hold up well in the heat and go down great when poured over ice. But to go that extra mile—and charge more per cup—concoct a homemade recipe using freshly squeezed juice, add ice cubes made from complementary juices, or adorn each glass with a lemon slice or sprig of mint. 22 BRAVA Magazine June 2013 Sweet rewards: Make it a learning adventure by letting kids manage the endeavor. Customer relations, advertising and responsibility are just some of the skills they'll develop. The price is right: The going rate per cup is 25 or 50 cents. Stimulate sales with "Buy two, get one free" or other deals. Plus, putting out a tip jar can increase revenue while encouraging kids to learn about service with a smile. Go beyond citrus: Make it a mini-store with your kids' favorite crafts! From homemade snacks (cookies or cupcakes) to charming crafts (jewelry or art projects), offering more than just lemonade lets your children showcase their interests.

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