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SAFETY WATCH out Tear this ith your are w nnel and sh t perso plan Proactive Pedestrian Safety Stow the cell phones and overcommunicate your location before entering a work zone. compiled by Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief While backup cameras and alarms have certainly improved visibility and safety in aggregate operations during recent years, numerous fatalities have occurred when pedestrians have been struck by large equipment. Often, the accident victims had even been in recent contact with the equipment drivers, but had not communicated their positions. To improve pedestrian safety, consider the following best practices: • Train all persons to stay clear of mobile equipment. • Be aware of the location and traffic patterns of mobile equipment in your work area. • Communicate with mobile equipment operators and ensure they acknowledge your presence. • Never approach mobile equipment until you receive confirmation from the operator indicating awareness of your presence. • Display large numbers on all sides of equipment to properly identify each unit during communications. • Wear high-visibility clothing — including battery-powered illuminated vests or reflective vests for evening shifts — when working around mobile equipment. • Avoid distractions, such as cell phones, when exposed to hazards. • Before moving mobile equipment, look in the direction of travel; use all mirrors, cameras, and installed proximity detection devices to ensure no persons are in the intended path. Information from this Safety Watch is from an actual accident and is provided by the Mine Safety and Health • Sound the horn to warn persons of intended movement and wait to give them time to move to a safe location. AM On Jan. 26, 2010, a 59-year-old purchasing manager with five year of experience was fatally injured at a cement operation. He was struck by an over-the-road tandem trailer truck. The truck had been waiting to unload. When the truck pulled forward, another truck driver observed the victim under the second trailer of the truck and immediately stopped the driver. The victim was holding a cell phone at the time of the accident. Administration. It is meant for general information purposes only. Sponsored by AGGREGATES MANAGER June 2013

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