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July 2013

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Bloody Knuckles sister publication, Overdrive (www. magazine's website, where I learned that publication editors had fallen from 118th to 168th place in job rankings. As a columnist, I only loosely fall into this category, but it was nevertheless a bit disturbing. That's a drop of 50 places in job popularity! Topping it off, I get an email from a colleague stating that the job of reporter has made the list of the top ten worst jobs in America – beating out jobs such as porta-potty pump out specialist and manure spreader. Being a reporter is worse than spreading manure? I thought it was the same thing! The engine had barely started when the aging fan belt snapped and shredded. CHANGING LANES [Copyright AutoWord 2013] Of course, my the local auto parts store was out of the belt I needed, so I'll have to wait on a back order. As for the oil leak, I'm not exactly sure where it is coming from. Because the fan belt shredded itself, I suspect a possible seal failure, but if I get lucky it just might be a dried out valve cover gasket. But I'll need to wait until my back heals up to find out; I wrenched it when crawling under the vehicle to check to the leak source. Then, as I straightened out in pain, I banged my head on the bumper! But wait... there's more. While recuperating in my armchair with a cool brew in hand, I decided to catch up with the news on some the many Randall-Reilly websites. First up was Todd Dills', Channel 19 blog on our 8 bloody knuckles 0713 cl.indd 2 According to Dills' column, there is some good news on the job market... if you are a trucker. As a profession, trucking has risen in the rankings from number 128 up to 108. Looks like you guys are on a roll and with the economy finally improving the demand for truckers will likely grow over the next few years (hopefully the pay will increase, too!). Of course, being a truck driver still isn't anywhere near the top of the list of popular job choices. Apparently, most folks just don't want to work for low wages, drive long hours/distances, and eat mediocre food at truck stop diners. As for me, I am too stubborn and a little too dumb to change careers now. I am too old to start as a trucker and can't stand truck stop food. Besides, I am having too much fun just fooling around with an old motorhome, an old Jeep and Rex the wonder dog. It may suck to be me sometimes, but sure it beats having a real job! JULY 2013 // WWW.CHANGINGLANESDIGITAL.COM 6/4/13 3:24 PM

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