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ATIONSIntelligence ILLUSTRATED Fleet premium, fleet inteltime, GPS occurrence nd a small omething 2 OUR EXPERTS Understanding the information Todd Ewing is the director of product marketing for Fleetmatics Group, a Wellesley Hills, Mass.-based provider of GPS vehicle tracking for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Ewing has been in the industry for more than five years with roles in product management, as well as sales and marketing. GPS-collected data is processed by the provider and incorporated into a map of the customer's area, which can be accessed on any company computer with the software program. The two colored dots on this map indicate the location of two fleet vehicles. The red dot indicates an idle vehicle; the green dot indicates a vehicle currently in operation. The box insert on the left side of the map provides additional information about each vehicle in the fleet. Two days of activity are shown in the box, including the vehicle number, the date, the time, and the speed at which the vehicle was traveling. 4 Monitoring drivers A good telematics solution empowers employers to enforce new policies or determine if policies that are in place are working. Important information about the vehicles and drivers is presented in a way that allows an employer to get into the system, look at the dashboard, find the problem, discuss it with the driver and/or mechanic, and quickly see improvement. 5 Determining service intervals Telematics on quarry equipment can monitor idle time, derive PTO time, track temperature readings, and more. This information can be integrated into an asset management system so that maintenance can be based on actual engine hours rather than on a calendar date. Real-time information is much more helpful for the asset management team. Karen Heller is CEO of Silica Sand Transport Inc. based in Ottawa, Ill. She worked at SST in 1980 with her father, Ray Mattsen, who was the founder of the company. She married and moved to Wisconsin. In 1993, she returned and purchased the business from her mother who had been running the company since her father's death in 1983. John Walker is vice president of King George, Va.-based Walker Sand and Stone Inc. He has worked there since he was old enough to tag along with his father, who founded the company in 1971. The company grew from one truck hauling aggregates to a full-blown quarry operating 50 pieces of equipment. August 2013 OperationsIllustrated_AGRM0813.indd 21 7/12/13 9:47 AM

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