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Equipment Management A service technician performs a predelivery performance check before this service crawler rig is returned to its owner. Adherence to the manufacturer's specified scheduled maintenance routine is the best way to decrease profit-robbing downtime and prevent premature failures of rig and string components. oscillation is not limited to the hammer. It transfers down the drill string and directly leads to excessive rate of wear on the drill string components. Adjusting the wear pieces on the cradles promotes higher production rates by efficiently drilling straighter holes, which consequently reduces energy to drill the holes and also minimizes component replacement frequency and cost. 8. Maintain centralizers. Wentworth says maintaining the centralizers goes hand in hand with keeping the cradle wear slides adjusted. Adjust the centralizers to hold drill steel tight while drilling. If not, holes will be allowed to deviate, steels wear out faster, and, Wentworth says, "things break." Again, drilling straighter holes raises production rates through efficient drilling, getting the hole drilled in the quickest time. It minimizes energy spent while drilling and protects against profit margin shrinkage due to accelerated frequency of component replacement. Those drillers who can afford poor performance and shrinking profit margins are welcome to ignore all of the above, as manufacturers will step up to replace any parts and equipment that a drilling company treated as consumables. However, manufacturers would actually be much, much happier to hear you boast about how long you've used their equipment without a hitch. It's best not to cut corners on preventive maintenance. AM Joe Bradfield is senior writer for Ellenbecker Communications, an international communications firm specializing in the drilling, mining, and construction industries. Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit Untitled-1 1 EM_AGRM0813.indd 27 Aggregates Manager August 2013 27 7/15/13 9:28 AM 7/17/13 4:22 PM

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