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K Abrasion-resistant media Weir Minerals Linatex offers a range of new high-performance polyurethane screen media — Linatex FC. Designed with superior abrasion resistance, the new line is said to provide longer service life, which equates to less maintenance, less downtime, reduction in waste, and lower cost. Weir Minerals | Cut-to-length media The new Sandvik WR screening media has been developed to fit most screens on the market currently equipped with modular media on longitudinal profiles. Made of rubber or different grades of polyurethane, the screen panels are delivered cut to length in order to fit any screen width on the market. Replacement of screen panels may be easily accomplished as the wedge locking them into place may be quickly removed and reinstalled, keeping changeover time to a minimum. The absence of steel reinforcement makes the WR system light, reducing the stress on the screen and bearings. Sandvik | Self-cleaning media The Veno screen, from Hoyt Wire Cloth, is engineered to alleviate blinding and plugging conditions when the use of conventional square opening wire cloth is not acceptable. Available in opening sizes ranging from 5/64 to 7/8 inch, the media is said to control material sizing while staying clean and remaining efficient. Alternating straight and crimped wires are placed over the longitudinal support bars on a vibrating screen. The binding wires can also be covered in polyurethane. Hoyt Wire Cloth | In-spec screening Scalping plates Buffalo Wire Work's Clean PFX line of screen media is available in Gator Wire, stainless steel, and other alloys. Designed to provide more effective use of available deck screening surface area and greater specification produced per unit time, it is available with a number of screen designs. The M Series shown is intended for applications to ensure the exact size of passing material while increasing screen efficiency. Buffalo Wire Works| Miller Wire Works, Inc. designs and supplies perforated screen plate to meet an operator's specific requirements. Fabricated from a variety of steel hardnesses, the plates can be tailored to use square, round, slotted, and hexagonal holes. Other options include hooked edges for tensioning, blanked areas for impact, and openings structured to protect the screen deck. Miller Wire Works | Text INFO to 205-289-3782, or visit SupplyLines_AGRM0813.indd 29 Non-blinding screens Flowmax Clean Screens, from Unified Screening and Crushing, are non-blinding screening surfaces made from crimped wire. With a larger percentage of open area than square opening woven mesh, the screens separate flakes, elongated material, and slivers from product and are said to allow for higher production rates than woven material. They are available in several styles of wire crimping and with openings ranging from 0.094 inch to 1 inch. Unified Screening and Crushing | AGGREGATES MANAGER August 2013 29 7/17/13 8:37 AM

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