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Zooming in on a plan in pdf form in dropbox usually gives our crew the detail they need right on their smart phones. screen to get the dimensions or details they need. They can either refer to the detail on the phone with a supervisor who is looking at the same document, or they can screen shot the zoomed in version and text or email it to whoever needs to see it so there is no mistake that they are referring to the same detail. There are several considerations to choosing a file sharing service. You can find several rankings of these services with a quick Google search, but keep in mind the priorities of the reviewers may be different than yours. Because most of our people in the field are not IT types, interface is one of the most important considerations. Is it intuitive? Is it easy to access without going through multiple steps or through a laborious login process? Will the guys actually use it? Next is the question of device compatibility. Make sure any service you adopt actually works on the devices you have. I mentioned iPhones, because most of our company phones are Apple. Therefore, good applications for the iPhone operating system is a must for any service our company uses. The more different types of devices you have in the field and in the office will require a more versatile service and several exist that can operate across format types. Price per gigabyte is another consideration. If your shared files are large and numerous, storage space will be an important consideration. Keeping share files current by deleting finished projects from the file sharing service can help keep costs down and make navigating easier for your people in the field. Pay attention to file size limitations when choosing a service. Other service characteristics will be for naught if you can't upload and share the files because of limitations in the service capabilities. Permission levels can also be important to your company. Robust solutions such as Egnyte are designed to work in conjunction with your IT services and can be setup with "granular permissions at every folder level." Authentication integration can empower IT to manage and monitor all activities used by employees. AUTO BACKUP The fifth common cloud computing service is data backup. Carbonite is one of the best backup resources for small businesses. According to Carbonite, "Your files are backed up automatically and continually in the background, so your backup stays up-to-date and your employees can stay focused on their jobs." While these services may provide an excellent resource for your company, things can go wrong. Carbonite warns that hackers and viruses can damage data. Stable mobile access to high speed internet has made cloud computing an important tool for companies with people on the move. Taking a little time to get your head in the clouds can cut production costs, save time and improve quality. Helping you save money, no matter what you drive. No matter what business you're in, you could save with Progressive Insurance. To learn more about Progressive, and see why we are the #1 Truck Insurer in America, please visit Call for a Free Quote 1-888-375-7908 Find an Agent Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. & affiliates. Available in most states. No. 1 truck from SNL Financial's 2011 national written premium data. 09P00560.BA (01/13) Text INFO to 205-289-3781 or visit 09P00560.BA_ProPickup_7x4.5.indd 1 PP0813_Mobile Office.indd 15 1/3/13 4:08 PM PROPICKUP 15 7/11/13 11:13 AM

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