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Special Advertising Section Why Obagi? it changes lives While using all-natural treatments is important to your skin—and highly recommended to maintain skin care after a more invasive anti-aging procedure—it's not an absolute fix for every skin challenge a woman comes across during the aging process. Semi-Invasive Remedies Seeing fine lines, dark spots, or early signs of aging? Real people see a real change in their skin on Obagi. all ages, all skin types. You'll see it, too! Get a FREE Peel with your Obagi purchase of $125 or more. Offer Ends August 30! (608) 829-7777 • 1200 John Q. Hammons Dr, Suite 101 • Madison follow us on facebook See lasting results! Get a free evaluation and learn how you can save $450! Before 10 weeks post treatment 608.620.9050 • FREEZEMYBULGE.COM 48 BRAVA Magazine August 2013 Semi-invasive skin treatments comprise 80 percent of the cosmetic market, says Dr. Robertson of Robertson Plastic Surgery. In 2012, 10 million skin procedures were performed in the U.S., and only 20 percent of those were surgical. The number of noninvasive procedures has increased yearly, he adds, pointing to patients' comfort with this treatment level. Fillers and Botox, says Jones, are the two options women always come back to for the immediate results. Botox, a product Jones says she likes because it prevents the scrunching and creasing in upper muscles, leads the category. Its effects typically last four to six months, but Hill explains that the results are individualized: Some women don't need to continue if they see dramatic improvement while others start Botox and never stop. Injectable soft tissue fillers such as Juvaderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero and Sculptraare are also popular remedies. "We are really focusing on volume as a big part of aging," Robertson says. Many women just think of their facial changes as the result of sagging but, he notes, as women age, they actually lose facial volume produced by fat and bone structure. Women start with about 75 cc of volume in their faces, but by the time they've reached age 50, have lost half to a third of that volume. Hill says clients, most typically those in their 40s, are looking for someone to help them regain their facial characteristics. "Small amounts of filler placed in specific sites can do fabulous things to make people feel great and still look completely natural," adds Robertson. Other semi-invasive treatments include: Chemical peels help rid darker age spots, texture problems and wrinkles from a woman's face, and can, explains Parfitt, be as aggressive as the client desires. A lighter peel may shed skin for five to six days, while a more aggressive peel can shed skin for up for to 10 days. Microdermabrasion removes the dull top layer of skin, offering a new, refreshed complexion. For patients concerned with costs, Parfitt recommends microdermabrasion as a best buy since it doesn't require the use of expensive equipment. Laser treatments target age spots and broken capillaries that cause spider veins, actually injuring the cells that produce extra melanin for a longer-lasting effect.

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