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" " from our staff Happiness is a conscious choice. –Darcy Luoma See p. 48 for her story Six—or Maybe Zero— Degrees of Separation in Madison The other week I was at my daughter's swim meet at Ridgewood Pool. Rushing to get from the start platform to the finish line, I walked smack dab into our feature profile subject this issue: Darcy Luoma, life coach extraordinaire and font of my new favorite quotable quotes (see p. 48). There was time only for quick, enthusiastic hellos and a "We'll call you about the photo shoot" overthe-shoulder shout as I rushed to catch the swim start and she to sweep away her shivering swimmer. I mentioned the chance meeting to my husband, who said, "Oh yeah, I recognize her. I met with her a few years ago to talk about some coaching options." Small world! Five minutes later I learned that Mike and Jean Muckian, who have crafted BRAVA's food columns and other offerings for years, are grandparents to a swim teammate and classmate of my daughter. And it goes on from there. Last year my son was in the same classroom as BRAVA Associate Editor Meagan Parrish's daughter and the son of our regular "Live on the Move" contributor Ann Imig. In fact, Imig's other son is in my daughter's classroom and classmate to Muckian's grandson, too. BRAVA's Editorial Assistant Kelsey Bewick also works with a gal whose son was…yup, classmate to my son, Ann's son and Meagan's daughter. And, publisher Michelle Reddington cycles with a family whose son is, you got it, friend and classmate to my daughter. On the cusp of another school year, I can hardly wait to find out if the same classrooms connect us all again this year. And that's what I love about Madison. It's big city enough that I always meet someone new, and small town enough that it takes us all of a minute to find the connections and ties that bind us. Often, they're discovered right here in the pages of BRAVA. Kate Bast Editor-in-Chief Follow us! Get first word on BRAVA news, special event invitations, exclusive BRAVA offers and monthly opinion polls! Sign up today for BRAVA's e-newsletter, The CUE, at join us! events—watch for details about how to At these BRAVA-sponsored join team BRAVA in your August CUE newsletter and on Facebook The BRAVA Fashionistas have spoken! Aug. 24 Celebrate the end of summer at Madison's most whimsical fundraiser for Madison Children's Museum. Learn more: Bridget Grauwels has the cutest pair of sandals! She wins a $100 certificate to Cornblooms to buy…more cute sandals! Check out more of the sandal entries at We wanted them all! 8 BRAVA Magazine August 2013 Sept. 14 The Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland Council will be hosting the One Tough Cookie Women's Mud Run. Join our team: The BRAVA Babes! Learn more: Sept. 14 If you agree that the 80's is the best decade, like, EVER, join us at the Run Back to the '80s. Stayed tuned for posts on our Facebook page to become one of the BRAVA Brat Pack team! Learn more:

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