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maintenance | by Tom Jackson Dealing with DEF Prepare now for a new addition to your maintenance protocols R eady or not, in the near future you will get to know – and have to manage – a relatively new fluid for your diesel engines. It's called diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF and by a few brand names. Although the acquisition, storage and handling of DEF adds another layer of complexity to your fleet management practices, the fluid itself is a minor miracle when it comes to reducing exhaust emissions from diesel trucks. DEF, a liquid mixture of high purity urea and water, is sprayed into the exhaust stream of these engines and when run through a catalyst, the DEF turns the NOx in the exhaust (a major component of smog) into mostly harmless water and nitrogen. This exhaust treatment technology is called selective catalytic reduction, or SCR. All new heavy highway and diesel pickup truck engines have | August 2013 23

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