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product focus | by Wayne Grayson For more information on these products, text INFO to 205-289-3715 or visit Service trucks MASTER SERIES The Caseco Master Mechanic Series Model MM366LC is a 14-foot, heavy-duty crane body with 360-degree exterior lighting. It features a shelving system, drawer units and bolt bins for storage. Hose reels, evac pump and a used filter/drip pan are housed in the first compartment on either side of the body with the tanks mounted in the cargo area behind the first compartment. The MM366LC also has a lube conversion system, internal hidden hinges, ribbed inner door/floor panels and three-point stainless steel door handles. STELLAR CRANES The Stellar Industries Model 7621 and Model 7628 are 44,000 foot-pound telescopic service cranes with a maximum reach of 21 feet and 28 feet, 6 inches, respectively. Both cranes can lift up to 7,500 pounds at 5 feet and are equipped with Stellar's CDT system. They feature a hexagonal boom design for reduced flex and increased strength, and use a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/mechanical brake system that allows for a 60-foot-per-minute winch speed. The 7621 and 7628 feature a fully proportional, multi-function radio remote control as standard. These cranes replaced the Stellar Model 6620 crane and the Model 6628 crane. DOMINATOR Iowa Mold Tooling's Dominator II body offers a rating of 75,000 foot-pounds with 11-, 13- and 14-foot configurations available. The body can utilize the IMT 7500, 8600, 9500 or 10000 hydraulic telescopic cranes. The model number of each crane corresponds to its lifting capacity in pounds and offers up to 30 feet of reach. The body also offers compatibility with the IMT electric telescopic crane lineup, which features lifting capacities up to 6,000 pounds and reach up to 22 feet. Standard features of the Dominator II body include a multiplex electrical system with programmable logic for increased reliability, and an enhanced 25-inch deep workbench. | August 2013 49

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