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vide out their sites by the markets they serve. For example, if you do site development and road building projects, make sure each type of project gets a separate section. "Someone who's putting together a project in one market won't be as interested in what you've done in others," he says. Take social media one step at a time At least have a presence on social media, advises Paul. "You don't have to be exotic." Pick a platform such as LinkedIn, and consistently update it. Assign the updates to a younger person in organization, and learn from them. And realize this isn't just for your clients; it's also a recruiting tool. And since few contractors now are using it, it's an easy way to get a leg up on your competition. "My advice is to start slow," says Jen Bauer, director of marketing for Miron Construction, Neenah, Wisconsin, which has more than 6,400 Twitter followers. "Pick one avenue and do it well." Moore has come to appreciate LinkedIn, which he uses to promote his capabilities and stay in touch with other contractors. "It gives me a reason to call someone," he says. "I can say I saw the information on LinkedIn as a way to start the conversation." And if you're not on social media, don't think it means no one is talking about you, says Perryn Olson with construction marketing consultant The Brand Constructors. "At least when you're on social media, you know what's being said about you." Educate "Educate your target market," Hughes says. "Provide them with monthly tips and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your area." But also realize this takes time, and must be part of a longer term strategy. "Everyone say's they're the best, and they've been in business for X amount of years. Instead, educate the buyer on how to purchase contracting services, and let them know how you do things, especially if a portion of your clientele does not regularly buy your services." For instance, what steps should a commercial client take when considering a new parking lot? Worth agrees. "One school building contractor interviewed their clients about what advice 28 August 2013 Better Roads ConstructionU_BR0813.indd 28 7/31/13 9:47 AM

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