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UNDERNEATH IT ALL CONFIDENCE If you are measuring compaction with a soil compactor, your accelerometer-based system might be missing the mark. Machine Drive Power (MDP) is a new, innovative soil compaction measurement technology available only from Caterpillar. MDP measures closer to the depth of the lift with less variability than accelerometer-based systems, even on cohesive soils. That gives you confidence that the soil you are compacting will support the load. Machine Drive Power (MDP) Measurement Depth* Correlates well with portable measurement devices (plate load, LWFD) Usable with smooth drum, padfoot, or padfoot shell kit Usable on granular or cohesive material Measures with vibratory system on or off Exclusive Cat® technology Accelerometer-based Compaction Measurement 30 - 60 cm (12 - 24 in) Feature 1 - 1.2 m (3.3 - 4 ft) P P P P P * Dependent on soil type, moisture and other factors. Ask your local Cat dealer about rental and purchase options for your next soil compaction job. Cat_Com_Paving_Site_2012326154819.pdf 1 3/26/12 6:02 PM C M Find us online at Y CM MY CY CMY K R QEXC1769 © 2013 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, "Caterpillar Yellow," the "Power Edge" trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. Text INFO to 205-289-3789 or visit QEXC1769_SCOM-MDP_Ad.indd 1 CatPaving_BR0813_PG.indd 1 7/12/13 10:14 AM 7/24/13 4:11 PM

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