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By the Numbers 25% OF all mothers with children under 18 would choose fulltime work if money were no object and they were free to do whatever they wanted, According to a July 2013 New York Times/CBS News poll. In Dane County, the numbers of working women are even higher than the statewide averages. More than 80% of all women in Dane County participate in the labor force, compared to 66% statewide. Of those women working in Dane County, 9% work in management occupations, outpacing the state average of 7%. According to 2010 national data from the US Census Bureau, 4 in 10 mothers are the primary breadwinners for their families. Of the remaining working mothers, almost two-thirds bring home at least a quarter of the family's income. In Wisconsin, nearly one-third of all households are now headed by women. Among single-parent families where the woman is the head of the household, 84% of women participate in the labor force in Wisconsin. 76% of households Among married women with children have two working parents and 4% of households with children report the mother is the sole member of the labor force. Wisconsin ranks 8th nationally for number of women in the workforce. Two-thirds of all women in Wisconsin participate in the workforce. This number goes up to 77% when the sample is adjusted to women ages 25 to 54. 36% of all management positions in Wisconsin ARE held by women. However, women in management positions in this state make an average of $0.73 for every dollar a man makes in a similar management position. Data provided by the Wisconsin Women's Council and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy september 2013 | 49

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