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Stacey thrives on the hustle associated by being a busy mom and coach's wife. She hosts impromptu dinners for groups of Badgers players—with as many as 30 players in attendance at one dinner. "I think I do better when I'm under pressure compared to when I have to think about it," she says. "I think that probably would make me a good coach." Stacey would like to get to know players better as the season unfolds and plans on being a visible presence on the sideline during practices. As for connecting with Madison, volunteering is on Stacey's to-do list as she settles into her emptier nest. "I would like to let my wings fly and not be as much of a homebody," she says. "I hope to get more involved in community endeavors." Easy-going and go-with-the-flow are terms she uses to describe her personality, and after more than three decades with Gary, he's helped push Stacey out of her comfort zone. "Being a coach's wife has been overwhelming," Stacey says. "The publicity [at Wisconsin] has been a bit crazy because I like to fly under the radar. It was easy to do that in Logan. It's different now; his visibility has exploded." And with his increased visibility, she'll also share some of the spotlight. "Now it's my turn to come out of my shell and do more with the boosters…I feel like I'm at home in Madison and can be myself," she says. 64 brava magazine | september 2013 Sideline Chat: Q&A with Stacey Andersen What is your role in UW athletics? I'd like to think that if the boys needed anything, they could call me. I'd like to be involved with them. It's been challenging to get the names all down with the kids. On Thursdays at Utah State, I would bring candy bars for the kids after practice. I'd get to know the kids and they got to know me. I don't want them to call me Mrs. Andersen, I want to be more on their level. Do you like football? What's your favorite NFL team? Oh, yes. I have a hard time watching basketball now, and baseball is too slow. If there's a football game on, I find myself watching it. We watch football all the time. I don't really have a favorite pro team—I guess wherever the players end up. The Miami Dolphins have [a number] of Utah State players that Gary coached. So you could say I'm a Dolphins fan. It could change. What is your best personal accomplishment? Making sure all my boys got out of high school and that they all are going to college. That is a huge accomplishment for me. Getting them headed in the right direction was important to me. How have you influenced Gary as a coach and person? I've influenced some of the decisions he's made in his profession. We've always talked about what's best for us and the boys. I've helped push him in certain directions. He's had lots of opportunity when he was at Utah, but with the boys being where they were, we stuck around so they could finish school instead of moving.

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