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Contents September 2013 10 Volume 83, Number 9 Highway Contractor: With the advances in technology, concrete overlays have become a resurfacing method and not just a structural component. An Illinois contractor shows how he completes a concrete overlay project that is the first of its kind in the state. 17 In Court: Having to work faster than the original contract states can create unexpected costs for road contractors. Engineer/attorney Brian Morrow examines a case on constructive acceleration that shows the importance of tracking and documenting the project's schedule and costs. [For more In Court, click the Business tab at] 4 RoadScience: Manage Quality from Start to Finish In the final part of the Building Roads series, Tom Kuennen shares the importance of maintaining the quality of the construction materials from the source to the site – and how to execute these practices in the field. columns & departments Products & Service 3 Lattatudes 28 Kirk Landers 26 Advertiser Index 27 Marketplace Trending Online Beam Me Up, Scotty Lauren Heartsill Dowdle, production editor for Better Roads, discusses why and how Tesla CEO Elon Musk's hyperloop rapid transit proposal may not be realistic. Top Reads: • South Korea's new Armadillo-T electric car folds for compact parking (VIDEO) •Crews uncover slew of historical artifacts in construction of Britain's Crossrail commuter line Batteries Have Changed – Has Your Battery Charger? Clore Automotive looks at the importance of updating your battery charger to meet your batteries' needs. /BetterRoadsMagazine @betterroads Contribute: If your crew has worked on an exceptional project, or if you want to share your thoughts on current transportation issues, email your ideas for a blog or contributed story to Online Managing Editor Amanda Bayhi at Subscribe to our newsletter! For daily news updates sent directly to your inbox, subscribe to our free newsletter. Visit to sign up.Better Roads April 2013 1 TOC_BR0913.indd 1 8/29/13 1:12 PM

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