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CUSTOM RIGS SEATS Next-generation seat Seats Inc.'s Next Generation Legacy truck seat fully reclines and has longer armrests, a 19-inch-wide shoulder region and enhanced back support designed to help accommodate the spine's natural curve, with foam cushions that help minimize spinal pressure. Both deluxe and standard versions are available, as well as heavy-duty suspension and low-profile designs. Each seat comes with a 7-year structural warranty. seatsinc.com Posture-aligning seat Knoedler's NuChief seat features an insert with patented geometry and properties that tilt the the pelvis to help optimize spinal posture and maximize comfort. The ProBax cushion is designed to help prevent rearward tilting of the pelvis and relieve tailbone pressure. Sitting with correct spinal posture stacks the spine as though standing, which helps improve blood flow and respiratory efficiency while increasing blood oxygenation. knoedler.com Vibrationneutralizing seat Bose's Ride system driver's seat is designed to sense vibrations and neutralize them with highspeed adjustments to the seat's suspension. Packed into the seat's base are sensors, a microprocessor, a power amplifier, a linear electromagnetic actuator and an energy storage system. These components work to help reduce "whole body" vibration. Engineers reduced the electrical demand by designing the system to be regenerative. bose.com 62 | Overdrive | September 2013 Crigs_Seats.indd 62 8/27/13 9:59 PM

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