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HighwayContractor (Left) A line of asphalt-filled trucks are ready to load the paver on the I-710 long-life asphalt pavement project. (Right) The completed lanes on the I-710, pictured here, are part of a rehabilitation project that is a series of projects stretching several years that could ultimately cost $650 million when the final tally is complete. existing cracked pavement layers, the choice of stress relief measure (to avoid reflection cracking), paving fabric or SAMI is dependent on local experience and preference. Full-depth replacement of existing pavement is typically used under overpasses where the legally required overhead clearance must be met. C&S and overlay of existing, old PCC pavement typically is the most economical solution where overhead clearance is not an issue. With one major success under its belt, Caltrans looked elsewhere to see where the LLAP pavement strategy made sense. Two different segments of truck-heavy Interstate 5 in the north state immediately jumped to the forefront. HTHITNNG D LIG I C E L 800.557.0098 IG BY: GOL GXL Stryker Golight/RadioRay Remote Control or Fixed Portable or Permanent Mount Durable...Versatile...Powerful... GUARANTEED Patent # - 5,673,989 & 5,490,046 - Other patents pending Text INFO to 205-289-3789 or visit 22 Text INFO to 205-289-3789 or visit October 2013 Better Roads HighwayContractor_BR1013.indd 22 9/30/13 2:10 PM

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