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EDITOR'SNOTE DRIVER SAFETY THE #1 GOAL W e talk a lot about upgrades and aftermarket add-ons for pickups to improve their functionality and efficiency on and off the jobsite. "Customizing" stock trucks is a good investment because outfitting them with products for specific applications improves the corporate bottom line when time is saved, and tools and equipment are better protected. Belt, changing to dedicated snow tires on company vehicles is just a sensible safety move for all drivers: Snow tires provide superior traction in rain, snow and ice over their all-terrain, all-season counterparts. (The summer tires can be put in storage and put back on the trucks in the spring so mileage on the softer winter tires is maximized.) I also make sure the headlights are working properly, the lenses clean and clear, and both high- and low-beams are adjusted properly. It's also a good time to think about changing out the OE bulbs for one of the brighter, whiter versions on the Photo by Larry Walton/Editorial Services West market. But the number one goal for a comBeing able to see another 50, 100 or pany owner, whether self-employed or 200 yards down the road can give the CEO of a multi-million dollar conglomerdriver the extra second or more to react ate, should always be employee safety. in an emergency situation. That's why every vehicle fleet manager That brings me to the brakes. Fall is the should take a little extra time to make perfect time to give every pickup in your sure the pickups employees are driving fleet a brake job – or at least a thorough are ready for winter with its driving chalfour-wheel inspection and adjustment. lenges of shorter days, longer nights and Serve your employees a fall BLT and adverse weather. they'll know their well-being is your bigWhen I think of driver safety, I think gest concern – and the trucks they drive BLT: Brakes. Lights. Tires. are up to the escalated driving challenges If your business is in a part of the counof winter. try that gets snow a few days a month, or where it rains day in and day out from October to April, those "all-terrain" and "all-season" tires should be swapped out for dedicated snow tires. Bruce W. Smith, Editor For those that work in the true Snow /ProPickup-magazine @ProPickupMag Editorial Editorial Director: Marcia Gruver Doyle Editor: Bruce W. Smith Executive Editor: Tom Jackson Associate Editor: Larry Walton Contributing Editor: Steve Temple Managing Editor: Amy Materson Design & Production Art Director: Richard Street Advertising Production Manager: Sheana Sexton Construction Media Senior VP, Construction Media: Dan Tidwell VP of Sales, Construction Media: Joe Donald Corporate Chairman/CEO: Mike Reilly President: Brent Reilly Chief Process Officer: Shane Elmore Chief Administration Officer: David Wright Senior Vice President, Sales: Scott Miller Senior Vice President, Editorial and Research: Linda Longton Vice President of Events: Alan Sims Vice President, Audience Development: Stacy McCants Vice President, Digital Services: Nick Reid Director of Marketing: Julie Arsenault 3200 Rice Mine Rd NE Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 800-633-5953 ProPickup is a registered trademark of Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC., 3200 Rice Mine Road N.E., Tuscaloosa, AL 35406. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Copyright © 2013 Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC. 8 PROPICKUP October 2013 PP1013_Editor's Note.indd 8 9/5/13 11:14 AM

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