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October 2013

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BLIZZARD Blizzard's new Speedwing plow "thinks for itself" with wings that automatically angle forward or back (based on blade position)to maximize plowing efficiency. When angled for windrowing, the trailing wing folds back in line with the moldboard while leading wing retains its forward position to capture more snow, reduce spill-off, and allow use of the entire blade.; (414) 354-2310 Buyers Products' VMD-Series plows feature stainless moldboard for high corrosion resistance and are designed for half-ton pickups. HINIKER The new VF series flare-wing trip-edge V-plows from Hiniker feature deep-curl flared wings, providing the capacity to push snow farther and higher. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide positive hydraulic control. Quad halogen headlights have up to twice the power of typical sealed beam lamps. Also available in a conventional level-top configuration, the new VF series is available in 8.5- and 9.5-foot widths. Ribs incorporated into the steel superstructure of the plow combine with a 2-inch steel torque tube for strength. The moldboard is low-friction, high-density polyethylene that is corrosion-free, dent-resistant and never needs refinishing.; (507) 625-6621 The Boss Power-V DXT is their new V-plow for pickups; it features a tapered and dual-trip moldboard. Its design mimics those built for larger commercial trucks. WESTERN PRODIGY The Western Prodigy thinks for itself -- delivering multi-position winged plow performance in a unit that's as easy to operate as a straight blade. When positioned for straightahead plowing, both wings automatically angle forward, defaulting to a "scoop" position that clears an 8-foot-7-inch swath. As the blade angles left or right for windrowing, heavy-duty coil compression springs and cable assembly pull the trailing wing back until it aligns with the moldboard while the leading wing remains angled forward to capture more snow and clear a 7-foot-10-inch swath. Available for both pickups and skid-steers.; (414) 354-2310 Fisher Engineering's XLS plow, designed for half-ton pickups, features a straight blade with extendable, adjustable-angle wings. a plow; time spent doing this is time not making money. How does the plow lift? Chain lift plows are considered old school because they've been around forever, but they lift higher than those lifted by hydraulic arms, allowing you to stack more snow due to the extended available height. Are the hydraulics, hoses, and cylinders protected? Hydraulic lines, fittings, manifolds, and cylinders are the most often damaged parts of a plow. Employing a cover keeps these parts semi-protected (no plastic cover will keep the ice and snow chunks completely away, but it's a good first line of defense). If you have those questions and concerns answered, then the hardest part of purchasing the next plows for your fleet and corporate operation is over. The buying is easy. Western's new Wide-Out uses a straight blade with adjustable wings; the plow can be extended from 8 to 10 feet wide by extending the wings, which can be angled to scoop as well. PROPICKUP 45 PP1013_Snow Plows.indd 45 9/9/13 9:02 AM

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