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SAFETY WATCH out Tear this ith your are w nnel and sh t perso plan Make Safety Your Primary Concern Use safe procedures during crusher operations and maintenance. compiled by Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief When it comes to safe crushing operations, the Mine Safety and Health Administration suggests that, in addition to wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, operators should keep an eye out for potential accidents and hazards, as well as use recommended safe job procedures. While starting oil or hydraulic pumps, avoid slips, trips, and falls by practicing good housekeeping and cleaning up spills. A visual inspection of the crusher prior to start up allows operators to identify leakage, loose bolts and nuts, and cracks in housing or supports. When starting up Best practices To improve worker safety, use the following best practices: • Establish and discuss policies and procedures for safely clearing a crusher. Consider a mechanical method for clearing material to minimize exposure to persons performing the work. • Task train persons to recognize all potential hazardous conditions and to understand safe job procedures for elimination of the hazards before beginning work. • Before working on or near equipment, ensure the equipment power is off and locked out/tagged out. Ensure the equipment has been securely blocked against hazardous motion to ensure energy cannot be released while performing work. • Always maintain equipment in a safe operating condition. • Provide a safe means of access for persons required to maintain a crusher. • Provide guards, shields, or other devices to protect persons from the hazard of flying or falling materials generated from the operation of screens, crushers, or conveyors. Information from this Safety Watch is from an actual accident and is provided by the Mine Safety and Health AGGREGATES MANAGER November 2013 the crusher and the feed, make sure personnel are clear, and ensure that belts are in good condition. As material is dumped into the crusher, make sure the door is closed at the work station, or stand behind screen guards. Also, make sure the crusher is empty before another haul truck dumps material to avoid excess material. If material becomes jammed in the crusher, turn it off, lock it out, and tag all switches before going into the crusher or feeder. At the end of operations, make sure material clears the crusher and belts before shutting down. AM • Implement measures to ensure persons are properly positioned and protected from hazards while performing a task. On Aug. 5, 2013, a 55-year-old plant manager with five years of experience was killed at a crushed stone operation. The victim looked into an operating crusher when a tooth, which broke free from an excavator bucket, was ejected from the crusher and struck him. Administration. It is meant for general information purposes only. Sponsored by

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