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THRIVE WELLBEING GOOD TO KNOW ANTIOXIDANTS WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT Every day, the trillions of cells in our body are cals that beat up our cells, which can lead to all sorts of bad illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. Luckily, we have allies in this battle in the Fountain, a nutritional consultant in Madison. "When you eat foods that are high in these nutrients, you are helping the body protect itself DIET If there's one place where PUMPKIN SEEDS health goals often tank, it's the A SNACKER'S SAVIOR snack aisle. How to avoid all those empty carbs? Enter: pumpkin seeds! These tasty bites are packed with a diverse mixture of antioxidants and minerals including vitamin E, manganese and zinc, plus protein and more. Extra tip: Eat the seeds in their shell for the highest dose of zinc. To roast, clean seeds then coat in olive oil and preferred seasonings (keep it simple with just salt, liven it up with chili powder or an herb mix, or make it sweet with cinnamon). Spread on a baking sheet and toast at 325 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Jars Tourron platter, $77; The Kitchen Gallery, 197 King St., Madison. berries, kale, citrus fruits, bell peppers and sweet potatoes, as well as grass-fed beef, oysters and or in season because the longer the food sits on a ent density to decrease." –Emily Leas Hear Fountain speak on the DreamBank Stage at Madison Women's Expo, Saturday, Nov. 23, 11 a.m. For details see p. 12 of our special Expo section or visit HEALTHY ADDITIONS SPICE IT UP ROSEMARY: Rich CAYENNE: Just two in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, this mighty herb can improve immune and circulatory systems. Toss it fresh or dried into marinades or herb-rubs for your roasted bird of choice. teaspoons of this spicy kick packs 30 percent of your daily vitamin A. Give your turkey a fiery boost by sprinkling it into a stuffing recipe or use it as a spicy surprise in a side of sweet potatoes. 26 BRAVA MAGAZINE | NOVEMBER 2013 GARLIC: A cardio superhero, garlic lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Stir up a healthier gravy by cutting back on fatty add-ins and using roasted garlic cloves instead. CINNAMON: Studies THYME: In the midst have shown that this dessert favorite may lower blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation. Use it to enhance the flavor of pumpkin-y treats or any squash dish. of flu season, this immunity-boosting herb is both savory and healthful. Thyme enhances other flavors in a dish, so pair it with parsley and garlic for a more exciting potato recipe.

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