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GO+DO CATALYST "PICK UP THE TORCH AND DO SOMETHING SOMEWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD." –KIM TEWS, FOUNDER, OUTREACH FOR WORLD HOPE "WRECKED FOR LIFE." ity right now," says Kim urgently. husband, Randy, were successful Verona-area realtors who grew tired of the endless pursuit of success and wealth. work would lead them to Guatemala, where they would see children starving to death in a squalid hospital. It was a scene that forever changed them. "It just snowballed," explains Kim. "We fell in love with the idea that we could make a difference." In 2005, Kim and Randy started a non- OUTREACH FOR WORLD HOPE AN INTERNATIONAL QUEST TO HELP STARVING CHILDREN BY LEIGH MILLS save the lives of severely starved children, and offer hope for the future through year they are serving 300 families. But thousands are in need. "It's been eight years of coming face to face with starving kids," says Kim, "and I still cry every time." failed and they're running out of food. "An inpatient facility that only takes kids who are deemed to be in code red, which means they are in a critical, life children food for an entire month. It keeps them worm and parasite free, gives them vitamins, ongoing medical care, clothes, shoes and social services. "We invite our sponsors to come down and visit their kids," Kim explains to any skeptic who wants a guarantee on their child and he or she looks like a skeleton, but then you get to see what a difference your sponsorship makes when you see that healthy, happy child in person." outreach to Haiti. After the 2010 earththat didn't have enough infrastructure to majority of the population lives in slum ministries aimed at caring for homeless elderly citizens, abandoned children and "If we can inspire [other people to] make a difference, then they may pick up the torch and do something somewhere else in the world," she says. Read her book, check out her website nary people can make a difference one life at a time. ON A MISSION: OUTREACH FOR WORLD HOPE The cause: OWH manages volunteer groups to provide medical care, education, basic life necessities, child sponsorship and agricultural aid in the poorest regions of Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ecuador. 74 BRAVA MAGAZINE | NOVEMBER 2013 Get involved: For $29 a month—just .94 cents a day and, founder Kim Tews points out, less than a McDonald's ice cream cone—you can sponsor a child in Guatemala or Haiti and improve their lives. Learn more: Read Tews' book about her experiences at or visit PHOTOS COURTESY OF KIM TEWS with hope, adventure and inspiration to begin. But that's the title of chapter one in Kim Tews' book, "Tears Water the

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