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ANN IMIG + LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER WHAT MAKES LTYM SO SPECIAL? SUNDAY, NOV. 24 | 3 P.M. GIVING MOTHERHOOD A MICROPHONE TELL US ABOUT THE LTYM EXPERIENCE. LTYM READINGS BY: AKEYLA BENTON An admitted superhero in training with dreams of world domination through poetry and novels, Benton remains content with her secret identities: proud mother and manic writer. Look out world, she's coming… right after she cooks dinner and does one more load of laundry. She'll read "What to Expect" and "Cool," poems about teen pregnancy and being a young parent with a lost adolescence. KAYE MCCLAREN BECKER A stay-at-home mother of four youngsters, McClaren Becker struggles to find time for her two addictive hobbies: running and wearing a rockin' stiletto. She'll read "The Year They Discovered the Doorbell," a piece taken, almost verbatim, from McClaren Becker's 2009 family New Year's card describing the crazy, annoying and overall draining daily details of mothering small children. THERESA KIM Kim has spent nearly a decade focused on raising children—some hers, some other mother's. As a foster parent, some of her children stayed for a short while, and some are staying forever. When not raising or writing, she's hula hooping and creating art (or messes). She'll read "Mother for Another Mother," an essay about the joys and struggles of becoming a foster mother. SHAWNEE PARENS By day, Parens is director of home care services at Agrace HospiceCare. By night, her superhero identities include mom, spouse, runner and writer. She lives with her two tween boys, lots of pets, and the love of her life in a house they call "Gorgeous Chaos." She'll read "Working Harder," a working mother's reflection on life in a neighborhood teaming with stay-at-home mamas. DANA MAYA Maya, a professional writer and teacher, is at work on a poetic memoir about her Mexican-American family, a yoga poem series called, "Pose," and, with her partner, a top-secret project called "She." She'll read "Mother: A Multiplication Lesson," a piece about mothering multiples and how mothering, in general, multiplies us and connects us to the larger world. ERIN RUZICKA TRONDSON Winner of the Apprentice House Chapbook Competition, Ruzicka Trondson's poetry has also appeared in "So to Speak," "Cold Mountain Review" and "Connections." She makes Madison home with her husband and three daughters. She'll read a poem from her book, "Nesting." SARA WARD-CASSADY Ward-Cassady is an attorney who works as a deputy director for the Wisconsin state courts. After seeing the original LTYM show, she was inspired to share her story as a new mother. She remains committed to finding dignified solutions to common parenting problems. She'll read "Confessions of a Cribaholic," an unconventional solution to her infant daughter's sleeping problems. AMELIA WILLIAMS Williams has traveled the world. She grew up in St. Louis and since hopped from Massachusetts, Tanzania, South America, Germany, Peru and finally Madison where she raised her two daughters and now lives happily ever after. She'll read "From Out of the Fog: The Things My Kids Remember," a tale toting evidence that children indeed do make things up—their own memories included. ANNETTA WRIGHT According to her husband, Wright is a wonderful mother of three brilliant and talented comedians ages 16, 12 and 10. According to her therapist, she is overdue for a vacation in a white room with four padded walls. She'll read "Hanging With My Mama," a poem told from her daughter's perspective about spending time with her mother. NOVEMBER 2013 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 11

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