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BOSS POWER-V XT WESTERN MVP 3 Western's MVP 3 V-plow's most noticeable change is the flared blade design, with a 31-inch center height up to 39 inches at the outer edge on the 9-foot-6-inch models. Blades are available in 7-foot6-inch, 8-foot-6-inch and 9-foot-6-inch widths in either powder-coated steel or poly material. The enhanced center-hinge features three connection points for added strength, plus a larger 1-1/4-nch diameter heat-treated center pin for more durability. Double-acting cylinders hold the wings firmly in place for clean back-dragging or both wings lock together to plow as a straight blade., (414) 354-2310 New for 4-by-4-1/2to 1-ton trucks and SUVs, the 7-foot-6-inch Power-V XT Plow from Boss Snowplows features a highperformance cutting edge, built-in curb guards and snow catcher. Flared blade wings with an enhanced curl throw snow higher. Enclosed hydraulics protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up; full-moldboard trip design prevents plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.; (800) 286-4155 SNO-PRO SNOW ICE & EQUIPMENT SNOWDOGG MD SnowDogg MD Series plows are as tough as the SnowDogg commercial plows but with half the weight, perfect for most half-ton pickups and SUVs not equipped with OEM plow-prep packages. They use the standard HT300 power unit. The plow design incorporates the same aggressive curvature, 70-degree attack angle and easy-to-use operation as the SnowDogg HD/EX series of plows for large trucks. Available in 80- to 96-inch widths.; ( 440) 974-8888 The Sno-Pro line of plows consists of four models. The Sno-Pro Home-Pro Series is an easy-touse homeowner's plow with a corrosion free poly moldboard. The Sno-Pro 3000 Series is Sno Pro's original full trip model; it features a durable steel moldboard. The Poly Sno-Pro 3000 Series is a heavy-duty contractor plow with commercial grade corrosion free moldboard. Finally, the Sno-Pro 3000 Trip Edge is a heavy-duty bottom, trip-edge design. All Sno-Pro plows feature exclusive hydraulic jack leg and patented HITCH-N-RUN™ system.; (800) 343-7676 FISHER XV2 The stainless steel-blade Fisher XV2 features a flared blade design. It's available in 7-foot-6-inch, 8-foot-6-inch and 9-foot-6-inch widths with the two widest blades also available in 14-gauge steel with STORM GUARD powdercoat finish. Hydraulics deliver maximum plowing efficiency and the trip-edge design provides protection in all blade configurations. The XV2 snowplow also incorporates the Minute Mount 2 mounting system., (877) 299-2736 plow construction for decades and remains the most economical choice; what matters is how it's coated to keep rust at bay. Most manufacturers use a powder-coat finish, while some use EDP (electro-deposition coating, which is an electrically BOSS V DXT The new Boss Power-V DXT features a dual-trip, multi-position design combining the latest in trip-edge and full moldboard-trip technologies. Its dual-trip design provides enhanced plow protection when striking hidden obstacles, and to minimize blade twisting, the 10foot Boss DXT features heavy-duty push frames, cross-bracing and reinforced moldboards. Boss SmartHitch 2 Attachment System comes standard.; (800) 286-4155 charged dip-coating process) with powder-coat on top. How it's prepared before painting is also important; if INTERNET INTEL Whether newbie or seasoned pro, one can find a wealth of snow plow and pickup tech information on the internet. Sites such as are great resources, as long as the advice is taken with a grain of salt. That is, it can be tough to weed out PROPICKUP DIGITAL the free advice from trolls (so-called "plow experts" that offer free advice, when they really have no practical experience at all) from the actual advice given by experts who plow snow for a living. Use the internet. But weigh what you read with advice cultivated from friends in the business, be they experienced plow operators, kind-hearted dealers or both. Then you can at least compare what you read on the 'net to what they say and make better educated decisions from there. it's shot-blasted before paint, this helps seal the surface and enables the steel to accept paint better, so it stays on longer. It's worth checking. What's the mounting system? Today's plows all use a variation of a quick-mount hitching system, and in today's world it's a necessity. No one has the time or energy to spend more than a few minutes mounting and disengaging

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