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TOP ROLLOUTS CATERPILLAR INC. 50 years of 988 loaders The introduction of the seventh-generation Cat 988 wheel loader, the 988K, marks the 50th anniversary of the 988. It features redesigned loader linkage, drive train modifications, redesigned cab, and enhancements in safety and serviceability. Powered by the Cat C18 ACERT engine, it is available as a Tier 4 Final/Stage IV version (using selective catalytic reduction to control nitrogen-oxide emissions). Electronic fuel control ensures performance and throttle response, delivering up to 20-percent more fuel efficiency compared with the 988H. The Optimized Z-bar loader linkage replaces the 988H mono-boom design and expands the unit's versatility in small quarries and underground applications. The Cat impeller clutch torque converter uses a lock-up clutch, providing direct drive to boost fuel economy, trim cycle times, and reduce heat, especially in load-and-carry applications. Finally, the all-new operator station features the Cat Next Generation Vital Information Management System (VIMS), which provides expanded capabilities, including real-time fuel consumption and fuel efficiency data, through a touch screen. Caterpillar | | Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit DEISTER MACHINE CO. Innovative screen options Deister's exciter vibrating mechanism is designed for use with large, linear-stroke screens and feeders. The company says multiple units can be positioned in series and linked by flexible shaft couplings to provide exceptional B-10 bearing life in conjunction with aggressive G-force. Innovative seal, shaft, and bearing designs are said to make the unit rugged and easy to maintain. The exciter mechanism can be driven by V-belts or a direct-drive flexible shaft. Deister Machine Co. | | Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit DUST CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Powerful dust suppression Dust Control Technology says its DustBoss DB-100 dust-suppression unit is engineered for use in large quarries. With a range of more than 100 meters, the machine is able to reach stockpiles 200 to 300 feet high. The atomized misting unit stands nearly 10 feet tall and can cover an area of 280,000 square feet from a single location. The machine is fed by a manifold of 30 brass nozzles; features simple, userdefined 359-degree oscillation with an adjustable elevation from -7 to 45 degrees; and can be outfitted with a dosing pump to meter in surfactants or tackifiers to enhance the binding of dust particles. Dust Control Technology | | Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit ELRUS Efficient screening Elrus says its new compact 6- by 12-foot three-deck screen plant was designed with an emphasis on increasing plant efficiency, reducing size and weight, and reducing the overall cost of ownership. It incorporates two screening sections on each deck, offering the benefits of both horizontal and inclined screening. The primary high-angle panel at the feed end results in rapid fines removal, while the secondary lower-angle panel results in accurate sizing and stratification. Elrus Aggregate Systems | | Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit FLANDERS INC. Fully automated drill rig Flanders says its new Ardvarc 4.0 is the world's first fully automated multi-pass drill rig that also features the first autonomous angle drill implementation. The machine features multi-pass and semipass automation, drill-hole and hole-angle accuracy, automatic drill string adding and racking, new human/machine interface (HMI), new data collection, and more modular hardware. It can align itself to within +/-1 degree of the design heading of the hole and automatically set the proper mast angle, according to the company. Flanders | | Text INFO to 205-289-3782 or visit AGGREGATES MANAGER December 2013 25

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